Three items you may have missed on your back to school shopping list

The back-to-school season creeps up quickly no matter how prepared both parents & students feel – not to mention the number of deals offered by stores, website, and e-shopping platforms.
Preparing for a new school year is a daunting task, and it’s easy to make mistakes (like these three below mentioned in this article). You have the basics, but what about those items easily forgotten until it’s too late? Those seemingly necessary items you forgot until you need them?

Item Number One You May Have Missed: A Desk Organizer

These are seriously underrated and crucial for students of any age. The sheer number of different writing utensils needed to keep a student’s agenda, study notes, and notebook under control is tremendous, and sometimes the coffee cup with the pen/pencil/eraser/ruler/scissor soup won’t cut it. Some organizers, like this eight compartment caddy, also have shallow shelves so you don’t lose your notepads & post-it notes, and comes at a great price

Rolodex Mesh Oval Pencil Cup Supplies Caddy with 8 Compartments

Rolodex Mesh Oval Pencil Cup Supplies Caddy with 8 Compartments

Item Number Two You May Have Missed: A Chair Able to Handle Marathon Homework/Study Sessions

Ergonomics looks at how efficient a working environment is, which is crucial for lengthy homework and study sessions. The foundation of your workspace efficiency is your chair, and it may be more important than you think.

Check out how ergonomic office chairs can prevent health problems caused by extended periods of prolonged sitting here.

ergonomic office chair

Luckily, 123Ink has a wide variety of ergonomic chair solutions for healthy & happy working once back at school. Often overlooked, lumbar supported & ergonomic chair options will give you a stealthy boost during those long homework nights.

Item Number Three You May Have Missed: A Solid USB Drive

How many times will it happen? The day of the presentation comes, you’ve saved hard-work to the not-so-trusty cloud and something, seemingly anything, goes wrong and you can’t retrieve it.

Or how about when you’re working on those school computers, lab computers, or collaborating with a friend on a project, just to be stuck when it comes time to save?

USB drives aren’t expensive, but they are handy and will save a world of hurt dealing with those inevitable unexpected errors. So, don’t leave one off your list this back-to-school season.

This DataTraveler USB drive holds 16GB and is backward compatible between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.

Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 USB 3.0 Flash Drive - 64GBpng

Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 USB 3.0 Flash Drive – 64GBpng

Beat back to school this year through preparation. Avoid the mistakes mentioned earlier in this post, use these two ways to save printing costs for back to school 2018 and give the three items on this list a think before it’s too late.

Back to School save tax weekend

Back to School save tax weekend

Visit the 123Ink back to school centre for your fully comprehensive list of all the essential items to make this school year one of the most productive & efficient yet! Or, if you want to read some more helpful tips, engaging articles, and great shopping tips—check out our 123Ink blog and various social media.

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