How do I Change the Ink Cartridge on my Epson Printer?

How do I change the ink cartridge on my Epson printer?

Along with, ‘how do I file a tax return’ and ‘how long can I leave it before I go to the doctor about my flu’, the age-old question of how do I change the ink cartridge on my Epson printer rings as true to do as ever. Your partner might make a smart quip about ‘it’s not rocket science’ but don’t let them shame you, it’s tricky. All those buttons and flashing lights, it’s almost like flying a plane. Let us take you through the steps, plain and simple mind you, of how to get that old ink out of the Epson printer and some new glossy ink in.

Side note:

It can be so tempting to leave the ink in the printer even when the light is flashing that it is low but fight the laziness, fight the urge to turn a blind eye. Printers don’t do very well when having to print with really low ink, it strains the machine and can cause deeper damage.

  1. Lift the scanner part up

Tip: Don’t have any print jobs going as you’re trying to do this. You could break yourself and the printer.

Lift the scanner part of your Epson printer up so that the print head (the bit that moves with all the ink cartridges) can be seen.

A good rule of thumb is not to touch anything at this point.

  1. Press the stop button. The stop button is located generally to the far right within the control panel of your Epson printer.
  2. Usually, your printer would have been telling you which colour is low. If you haven’t paid attention, no fear, you can tell at this point which colour doesn’t have any ink left.
  3. Pinch the top of the ink cartridge colour you want to remove, so that the tag that has it ‘hooked’ it is released. Lift it out of the printer.
  4. Give the replacement ink cartridge a few shakes while still in its packaging. You can shake it to any pop song or just your favourite song, you do you.
  5. Remove the packaging.
  6. ONLY remove the YELLOW TAB from the new ink cartridge. Don’t remove anything else.
  7. Put the new ink cartridge in its slot, making sure you lightly push down until you hear a click. Follow the placement of the other ink cartridges to make sure you put it in the right way up.

VOILA! You have just replaced your first ink cartridge. Now send a selfie to your mum. She will be so proud!

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