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It’s that time of the year again, the summer months have flown by and the new school year will soon be starting.  Most parents are now caught up preparing the kids for back to school. There is so much planning to be done, and so many things to buy to get the kids ready for school.  In the present digital world preparing the kids for school also means making them ready for their digital experience.  They will have to upgrade their computers/laptops or Ipads.  Also important but easy to forget in the melee of preparing for schools are the accessories required to make the modern digital life fulfilling.

how to choose printer for back to school

At the forefront for a lot of parents are the huge cost to be incurred to get the kids ready for back to school.  The mindset of spending a small fortune to get kids ready for back to school is typical of most parents or caregivers.  But it does not have to be so.  Knowing where to buy from, can get a parent a great deal and assist in obtaining major cost saving.

Getting a great deal requires that you identify a great deal site, and online in Canada, there is no better choice than They have a fabulous offering of computer accessories and back to school office supplies.  Their products cover all range of ages for the modern K12 student. And currently, you get free shipping when you order 5 or more school or office items (till August 31st)

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A sample back to school list for the modern K12 student would look like the below list:

A printer for the printing the assignments,  glue sticks for sticking all the creative artworks to the board,  a headphone for listening to lectures online,  and other office supplies such as rulers, pens, staplers, paper clips, thumb tacks, and stationery, glue, storage files, USB sticks, labels, binders, presentation files, whiteboards, backpacks and sticky notes.

If we take the first three items in the above list, is currently giving a 46% promo discount on the Pantum P2500W Monochrome Laser Printer (one of the most popular printers with the K12 group), which means you are paying only $69.99.  And the Maxell 190319 HP-100 Lightweight Stereo Headphones (with Dynamic sound reproduction favoured by kids) is currently being sold with 40% discount. The well-reviewed PVA Washable Non-Toxic Glue Stick is also being sold for 50% off.

back to school center 123ink is continuing to grow their relationship with suppliers to ensure they continue to give friendly prices to the parents trying to ensure they get the maximum value for their spend for their kids.  This makes it the top site in Canada to rely on for back to school office supply shopping.

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