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It’s that time of the year when students all around preparing for the new school year! Whether you’re starting new or finishing off, is here to give you the best back to school shopping list, filled with the best products. We here at 123ink have compiled nothing but the best supplies to make your beginning or return to school go as smoothly and as convenient as possible. In partnership with Moustache, school and office supplies have never been so convenient, affordable, and high quality. Moustache equipment makes sure that your transition back into the school year is completed with ease, offering products that are made to make being a student easier. So save time looking for what’s the best and the most affordable, here’s the most suitable shopping list:


Whether you’re a backpack person, or a tablet and laptop person, Moustache’s got you covered. Offering a backpack with an ergonomic design for maximum adding capacity; making you able to fit both books and your laptop, this backpack will surely fit your
needs. The multiple compartments in the backpack add more ease of use to it, giving you more space to add whatever you need into it. Other important features are the air passage technology, and the water resistance, making this backpack durable and sturdy, as well as
aesthetic and efficient.

15.6'' Water-Proof Multi-Compartment Laptop Backpack, Black - Moustache®

15.6” Water-Proof Multi-Compartment Laptop Backpack, Black – Moustache®

If you’re a smaller bag type of person, the Moustache Laptop and Tablet shoulder bag is the best call to make. It features two different sleeves within the bag, one for your laptop and the other for your tablet; with added safety measures for your devices by implementing air cell cushioning into the laptop sleeve. The front storage holds a panel for you to organize your notebook, cell phone, pencil case, and any other equipment you may need. The detachable strap makes it easy to carry based on personal preference. Similar to the backpack, it is also waterproof.

15.6'' Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag, Black - Moustache®

15.6” Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag, Black – Moustache®

Notebooks and Binders:

After getting the best backpacks for your school year, Moustache’s notebooks and binders are nests in line. Fitting perfectly into both bags, the Moustache PU Notebook is efficient, concise, affordable, and comfortable. Each notebook contains 96 sheets and
comes with a pen.

Color PU Notebook, 96 Sheets With Pen, B6 - Moustache® - Pink

Color PU Notebook, 96 Sheets With Pen, B6 – Moustache® – Pink

If you’re more of a binder person, Moustache also has the best quality at the lowest price. Offering binders with both 1-inch and 2-inch thicknesses, these binders can easily fit where needed yet they also hold a large capacity of storage. Because note taking is of the essence of education, Moustache offers you the best options to do so, with the affordable, convenient, and high-quality notebooks and binders.

Buy 6 Moustache Binder Get 6 Free 60 Pockets Presentation books

Buy 6 Moustache Binder Get 6 Free 60 Pockets Presentation books

With easy access to the products through 123ink and the excellent quality of Moustache products, the back to school season never was this easy. With this shopping list showing you what’s best for students and teachers alike, 123ink wishes you a nice return to the school year!

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