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It’s that time of the year, folks. Back to school, it is! Whether you’re a parent who has been dying for this day to arrive for two months or a college freshman so excited you could burst, there’s one thing that unites us all. The need, no, the obsession to have the supplies to get all that learning done! From pens, pencils, manila folders, calculators, white-out, rubbers, sharpeners, coloured pencils and dare we mention the cream of the crop, those mesmerizing highlighters, school supplies are the new accessory that everyone should be seen with. For sure vogue said something like that in it’s the latest issue…So don’t delay. Get clicking on these amazing deals from They are so, like, #trending right now.




When it’s back to school time, who on earth has the time to leave their house these days? From having to get all the laundry done, preparing your timetable and schedule, making sure that everyone has the right paperwork and is prepared, no way, leaving the house is just not an option! So why not have all your back to school needs just sent to your door. That’s. Right. To your door so you don’t have to leave your comfy couch and that show you’ve been binging (we know you’re leaving the washing and meal prep for the last minute!) From the comfortable position, just pause Netflix for 5 minutes, hop on to put all your needs in the ‘basket’, smoothly check out and resume, we’ll do the rest.


Back to School Deal Check List

Back to School Deal Check List

Just think. While you’re figuring out whodunnit, we’ll get your Hilroy notebook 200 pages (so many pages for notes, the only end option could be a doctor or astronaut for anyone that uses it, set of pens, highlighters, manila folders, 16GB USB, backpack, lunch pack and ergonomic high back adjustable desk chair packed and sent off to your address.

Just because we’re a little bonkers over the deals that are happening right now, here is a list of must-have items for back to school.

The Moustache brand Colour Notebook:

Ummm. How could anyone resist? Available in 4 colours:

Notebook with Magnetic Buckle - Moustache®

Color PU Notebook with Magnetic Buckle, 96 Sheets, A5 – Moustache®

Yellow, Brown, Gray, Blue

With the darndest most cute moustache in the bottom right corner, organizing your life and school schedule will reach new heights of hip and dare we say, hipsterdom.

Pantum Monochrome Laser Printer With Wireless for $69.99

Frankly, we are obsessed with this printer. At nearly 50% off, it prints directly from your phone or tablet, costs only 0.04c a page to print and is so sleep and suave. Snap it up quickly while it’s a prince is literally on the DL (ask your closest millennial if you don’t know what this means).

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