5 Tips to Help You Get Ready for Back to School

There are few things Canadians love more than summer. Whether you’ve spent yours reclining on the patio drinking cider or vacationing in cottage country, the impending dread of going back to school need not cast a shadow on the last few weeks of August. A new school year is about to begin and it’s only as exciting as you make it.


With the amount of back-to-school sales available right now, you’ll surely be able to find all the products you need for a successful semester and beyond. And if you feel like treating yourself to a little something extra with the money you’ve saved, we won’t judge.

back to school shopping tips

  1. Review the best ink cartridges available.We’ve all been there. You’re rushing to complete an assignment an hour before it’s due when suddenly our printer runs out of ink—or, even more frustrating, the ink slowly fades in the process of printing, so nothing is left but a barely readable grey font by the final page of your essay. Unfortunately, it’s become something of a rite of passage for all high school and university students. But does it really need to be? This handy infographic outlines the user satisfaction rates of compatible ink cartridges and OEM cartridges.
  2. Invest in quality products. When it comes to purchasing school supplies, you want to be certain that your products will last longer than just a few months. You won’t want to be rushing around during the Christmas holidays to replace products that didn’t live up to the standard you expected. Ensuring that you only put quality supplies in your cart is an investment in your future, and will save you more money in the long run. Moustache products, for instance, are known to be both affordable and of high quality. Do your research before you buy.
  3. Buy Canadian. Canadians know the feeling of dread that comes from finding a great deal from an international supplier and then realizing that shipping alone is out of your budget. If you buy from domestic retailers, you can be sure that shipping costs will be less likely to break your bank. In fact, many suppliers are even happy to offer free shipping, no matter whether you live in Yellowknife, St. John’s, or anywhere in between.
  4. Order well in advance. More and more parents and students are choosing to do all their back-to-school shopping online due to convenience and chances to find great online-only sales. Unfortunately, shopping online means that you run the risk of losing track of your package. Even with speedy delivery throughout Canada, you might be faced with a crisis. Order your products well before the first day of school. If you need to return an item, you can do so without feeling rushed.
  5. Express yourself. Shopping for school supplies is one of the simple pleasures in life that you never really grow out of. According to a lot of college students, it’s just as much fun as dorm decoration and allows you almost as much opportunity to creatively express yourself. Once you’ve gotten all the basic purchases out of the way, take some time to check out all the stylish stationery available and figure out how you’ll make your mark in the classroom this year.

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