For Safety’s Sake, Do Not Burn Your Ex’s Photos, Just Shred Them!

For Safety’s Sake, Do Not Burn Your Ex’s Photos, Just Shred Them!

Being single on the evening of Valentine’s Day might make you slip into gloominess. The scenes of your break up with your ex-boyfriend might pop up uncontrollably in your mind. Just like in the classic American sitcom Friends, we can imagine that firemen are busier on Valentine’s Day since many heart-broken girls start bonfires to burn the belongings of their ex-boyfriends, in the hope of either venting out their anger or trying to break the cycle of always ending up with jerks. However, as you can imagine, many of these bonfires get out of control.

Therefore, please do not start a fire in your home, no matter how much your heart was broken by your ex-boyfriend. This is absolutely not the safest way to get rid of the photos you took together, of the movie tickets and restaurant receipts you held onto, or of the greeting cards he sent you.

As the saying goes, when you ask a question, you should also prepare a solution. Here is what proposes as an alternative (yet very efficient and much safer) solution for you: there is no need to burn stuff at home at your own risk, you can just use our shredder to achieve the same purpose!

You wish to destroy the many photos of you and your ex-boyfriend?

No worries! Our compact and strong shredder can shred photos and paper at an impressive speed, and it features a lift-off head for easy emptying.

Afraid of exposing your identity or personal info (and your ex-boyfriend’s) to the public, in case the photos are not completely destroyed?

We have your back! For important documents such as photos, our cross-cut shredder is your optimal choice. It can shred photos and other paper documents into small particles, which maximizes the safety and prevents you from becoming the victim of identity theft.

Enjoy the process and the noise of shredding your ex-boyfriend’s photos?

Moustache® 8-Sheet Auto Feed Cross-Cut Shredder offers you not only enhanced security with its powerful cross-cut feature at an affordable price, but it also works at a comfortable 72-decibel noise level. You won’t miss the satisfaction of listening to the shredding of your ex-boyfriend’s photos.

Or do you just want to shred the photos silently and let the confetti and all heart-breaking memories go out with the wind?

No problem! Our Fellowes® Powershred® 79Ci 16-Sheet Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder can definitely do this for you. This model does a great job in shredding photos, paper, junk mail, and even plastic credit cards. Most importantly, its ultra-quiet performance has been proven: the SilentShred™ technology allows the machine to operate quietly and eliminate any shredding noise.

Whether you’re heartbroken or just want to restore your privacy when getting rid of important documents, our shredders are right here waiting for you at


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