Boxing Day SALE of Moustache Office Chair

You have to pay attention to yourself when you had a pain in your shoulder and your waist. It shows that your body is in the state of sub-health. Nowadays many people have to stay in front of the computer such a long time that it’s easy to have backaches so you may need a suitable chair.

If you are careful of your health, our office chair promotion of Boxing Day is good for you.

Here has in stock of our 123Ink: Office Chairs

I think that we need a comfortable chair everywhere such as house, office. The Moustache Brand of our 123Ink, have inventory in office chairs so you can select widely on 123Ink to meet your needs.

It’s of importance to find a suitable office chair or an ergonomic chair. As far as I am concerned, I have a preference for the ergonomic chair which has castor, because they are adjustable and removable.

You will feel uncomfortable if you use an ordinary chair for a very long time, seriously it will become health problems.

The ergonomic chair we have sold have a lot of advantages:

  • Relaxing your cervical muscles;
  • Prevent your spine from being deformation;
  • Activate blood circulation;
  • Give your lumbar better support.

Furthermore, how to choose an ergonomic chair?

1.Know the functions of each part of the chair.

2. Confirm the height adjustment of the chair: the height of the ergonomic seat should be adjustable. Generally, 16-21 inches is a standard height to sit.

3. Check the lumbar support: you may need an ergonomic chair which has a good lumbar supported.

When choosing an office chair you have to think over many factors such as material, rotate functions, and so on. For example, if you are a people who love cleanliness, you may consider that is it easy to clean the chair. The height and backrest of most office chair can be adjustable to relieve your fatigue.

Our 123Ink has various of the chair to select such as mesh chair, high-backed chairs and so on. We will try our best to provide you with the most comfortable and the best office chair.

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  1. The Comfort Factory

    Very unique work for office chairs, the chair can be calibrated to fit the body and support intensive computer work, and you did it all with your work.


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