123ink.ca is the new Domain For 123inkcartridges.ca

Why We Changed Our Domain Name From 123inkcartridges.ca to 123ink.ca

Our loyal customers and blog readers might already have noticed that our domain name, 123inkcartridges.ca, launched 10 years ago, has been changed. Our new domain name has been shortened to these six numbers and letters: 123ink.ca.

On December 5th, 2017, we officially launched our new domain name 123ink.ca. The old 123inkcartridges.ca address now redirects visitors to the new domain.


Why Did We Make Such a Big Change?

First of all, The original idea came from a colleague who put himself in the shoes of our customers:

“Suppose one of our loyal customers needs to navigate our website several times a day, and he/she types at a speed of 1 letter per second. He/She would need about 16 seconds to type the whole 123inkcartridges.ca, which is a lot of effort in this era where every minute counts! ”

Underlying this Change is an Effort to save our Customers’ Time

Concise is KING. Now that our new domain name 123ink.ca is in place, and with it being 10 letters less than the old domain name, our customers will be able to start viewing our website 10 seconds faster!

For example, If each customer needed to type our domain name 6 times per day, the new domain name would save 6*360 days*10 seconds = 6 hours per year! Our website has been serving our customers for ten years now, which means that we are talking about an overall of about 60 hours that our customers have wasted in typing a long domain name for the past 10 years!

Things have now changed. With a new domain name as short as 6 letters, 123ink.ca will save 10 seconds for our customers every time they navigate to our website for many years to come!

Of course, if you save our new domain name 123ink.ca to your navigator’s menu bar. Then we are just one click away!

Rest Assured That the Shortened Domain Name Won’t affect Your Shopping Experience With 123ink.ca.

Behind the new domain name is always the same team who has been working hard to ensure that every customer is satisfied. There is no change in ownership, warehouse location, phone number or fax number.

The product lines, services and our website layout all remain unchanged. In addition, Our customers can browse products, choose their favourites, and place orders just as usual.

10-year Dedicated to Ensuring Our Customers’ Shopping Satisfaction

Since our establishment in 2007, we have grown to be Canada’s No. 1 online shopping mall for printer ink cartridges; as well as, laser printer toner cartridges. For the last 10 years, we have been striving to offer the best-priced inkjet cartridges and laser toners for our Canadian customers from coast to coast.

In other words, Reliable and trustworthy, we have always put customers’ satisfaction on top of all, by fulfilling our commitments:

  • In Fact, Help you save money on inkjet cartridges and laser toners, often up to 80%;
  • Eliminate any middlemen, and source our products directly from manufacturers;
  • Never sacrifice quality for the price;
  • Fast delivery.

Never Stop Growing

To conclude, In 2017, we have streamlined our services to three shopping websites:

  • 123ink.ca specialized in printer ink cartridges and laser printer toner cartridges;
  • primecables.ca, offering HDMI cables and other audio video accessories;
  • living.ca, the youngest member of the family. Selling household supplies that will enlighten your home, all at a competitive price.

7 comments on “123ink.ca is the new Domain For 123inkcartridges.ca

  1. Denis Bessette

    I think there are a few mistakes in the first few paragraphs as where you refer to the old domain name as 123ink in lieu of 123inkcartidges.
    no arm done
    keep up the good work, quality and service

    1. 123Ink.ca Post author

      Yes! You are right!
      Thanks for pointing out!
      It actually caused by our tech team who is trying to correct all the old domain but obviously, they did something wrong.

  2. Zelda

    I recall looking for replacement ink and the old domain didn’t redirect me to the new domain. For me you had vanished. It was quite awhile before I found you again. Just glad I did. All good 🙂

  3. Ryan

    Why would any customer need to type in your domain name SIX times a day, pretty much EVERYDAY of the year?! As hilarious and ridiculous as your math is, a simpler name is a good business decision 🙂

  4. Edward Gardynik

    On Tue, Mar 19 at 6:32 PM , Edward Gardynik wrote:
    Black from order #35435501 ordered 5 March 2019.
    When I run out of ink and installed the black ink, the ink was empty. The color ink was ok. This is the 2nd time I informed you of the empty ink container.

    1. Joy Post author

      Hi Edward, Thanks for contacting us. This may because of the chip on the container shows no ink. Since this Cartridge is filled to maximum capacity and yields the same pages as a genuine cartridge. It is NORMAL to receive error messages when using a Remanufactured Cartridge. You may be prompted with: “Empty” “Low” “Used” “Counterfeit” “Depleted” “Non-Genuine” Please ignore the error message by pressing continue/dismiss/OK and continue to print until the ink is depleted and print fades.
      If this not working. Feel free to let us know, we will do a resend.



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