Review:Brother BU220CL OEM Belt Unit

The belt is more familiar kind of printing supplies. From the earliest mechanical percussive English printer dot matrix printer to the computer later, all using belt. Dot ribbon working principle is utilizing the within firing pin of dot matrix printer or the letterhead hit pieces of English typewriter to hit print ribbon, printing paper produced in printing.

Brother BU220CL OEM Belt Unit

Brother BU220CL OEM Belt Unit is a high-quality belt produced by Brother company which has high durability and outstanding print quality, the price is also very suitable for the consumer. If you want to buy a belt, and your printer type is one in these, then you can be assured to choice this belt. Brother BU220CL OEM Belt Unit suitable printer series is Brother – HL Series (HL-3140CW HL-3170CDW) and Brother – MFC Series (MFC-9130CW MFC-9330CDW MFC-9340CDW).

To identify the quality level of belt unit, we mainly check from three part, the belt base, weld joints and the using ink. Belt base is weave by nylon fiber, which will directly affect the quality of belt life and the attached penetration of the ink. Good quality ink has small particles, without clogging pinholes, good liquidity, PH value uniformly and strong absorption and good moisture when inking, and durable printing with slow of color transition.The quality ink ribbon is through a decreased treatment, hand to touch, they all will not leave obvious traces of ink on your fingers. This ink is very uniform, printing is no obvious difference. Belt interface was thin and flat, the error is relatively small, the degree of hardening is very light when the print is not linked to the needle; larger interface strength, tensile strength is also strong.

Brother OEM Belt Unit is a performance to meet every point mentioned above, it will not let you down, and you want it to hurry to buy it!

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