Why do you need an office chair?

For office workers, we not only sit in the office for a long time but also sit in front of the computer after coming back. An inferior office chair is the biggest killer of office. It will affect our health, as well as be harmful to our lumbar and neck. In order to be comfortable when sitting, we have to choose a superior office chair. What’s more, a high-quality office chair will make us feel happy and improve our efficiency. For our healthy body, it is worthwhile to buy an ergonomic office chair.

Firstly, I think what distinguishes a high-quality ergonomic office chair from an ordinary chair are determined by these 3 key points.


The simplest way to judge a chair is whether the armrest of the chair is appended to the back of it or the seat cushion. The armrest of the great one is attached to the back of the chair. When backing, the armrest can be kept at the same angle as the person’s back to get a comfortable arm supported.

The armrest of the bad one is connected to the seat cushion. Because the angle tilting of the backrest is inconsistent with the person’s waist, our army cannot get a comfortable supported when backing.

Moustache® Mid-Back Bonded-Leather Office Chair with Armrest

2.Lumbar support

As to the comfort of a chair, the most important thing is the lumbar support. Although some chairs are designed with big lumber support, we cannot feel comfortable when sitting. In fact, lumbar support may be the highest technology in the chair. There must be some mechanisms which are connected to the whole chair.

Of course, the most effective way to check a chair is tantamount to sit on it. Regardless of a variety of positions, lumbar support of a great chair is able to completely wrap up and hold us back.

Additionally, the superior chair such as TygerClaw TYFC2101 Ergonomic Office Chair can be adjusted back and forth for comfortable positioning.

TygerClaw Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair with Headrest

3.Backrest Tilt/Recline

Office chairs have different backrest tilt by the different weight of people. The backrest tilt of common chairs is fixed so the people who are underweight cannot have a well recline, while the people who are overweight cannot have good support for the backrest.

In order to find a comfortable position, the solution of TygerClaw ergonomic office chair is to adjust backrest tilt manually.

The Moustache Office Chair, which is easy to adjust and be suitable for the meeting room, makes the weight of the cushion to withstand become a part of the backrest resistance through its ingenious design so that different people have different experiences for comfort.

Moustache® Office Mesh Task Chair with Armrest

If you don’t pay attention to the office chair, the chronic disease is quietly murdering you. It’s an impossible thing to cure yourself without any specific medicine.

In a word, for your healthy life, buy an office chair which is suitable for you from now on! A comfortable office chair – you’re worth it!

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