Invest in A Good Label Printer to Get Your Home or Office Organized

Brother PT-1280, a desktop entry-level product, is an affordable, feature-packed home & office label printer which can print laminated labels up to 12mm wide. Featuring an easy-view, 15-character display, it can print up to 2 lines. A large selection of label maker tapes is available for the Brother PT-1280 label printer, it uses TZe tapes up to 12mm (range from 3.5mm to 12mm). With multiple type styles and sizing options, this label printer is perfect for use at home, on the road, or at the office, both indoor and outdoor applications. At only 6.28 x 5.94 x 2.36 inches and 470g, it’s compact enough for effortless portability, and it is powered by six “AAA” batteries or with an AD-24 AC adapter, makes it convenient for you to take wherever you go.

The PT-1280 features a full QWERTY keyboard with raised, angled keys for easier typing. The easy-view 15 character LCD display is large enough for easy on-screen reading and editing, and it allows for quicker style changes, such as outline, bold, shadow, italic, vertical, and more. Compared to PT-1010, the PT-1280 features 3 “Favorite Keys” which allow you to save and print your favorite labels in seconds. And PT-1280 uses manual cutter, so when the printing job is finished, you have to cut the label manually, it is not intelligent, but it is easy and convenient to use. If you want to know what the tape model is and how much it has used, you could see the back of the printer to get such information.

Brother PT-1280 Home and Office Labeler

Brother PT-1280 Home and Office Labeler

In our daily work, we always need to record something to a disc or tape, after recording, it is necessary for us to distinguish it from other similar media. How can this be done? Of course, by labeling, the fastest and easiest way of labeling a disc is writing on it with a marker, this way is fast ,cheap and it works, but if you have to send the disc to your customers, it seems untidy and unprofessional. You can choose a more attractive way to label a disc – to print a label on special paper with a printer and apply it to the disc, so that you can distinguish and arrange CDs and DVDs effectively.

Getting organized in the office can be a headache, but it is critical to having a successful business which runs smoothly, why not clear the mess on your desk and around the office with the help of labels? Invest in a good label printer to label your files, drawers and boxes is an easy way to organize your office, not only will it remind you where things go, but it will also help your colleagues who may have a need to find, use, or put away anything in your workspace.

There are always several sets of switches in the office, labeling these switches allows you to easily identify which switch operates which light or appliance and identify whatever you wish to switch on or off, it can help to reduce the waste of electricity effectively. Similarly, cable and wire labels are extremely important for keeping wires, network, voice and data cables organized and running effectively, and it can help you to quickly identify the right cable when changes or repairs need to occur to the systems you work on, can save money and time. In addition, with a label printer, it is easy for you to create custom name tags and badges, isn’t it the perfect solution for your company meet and greet?

Brother PT-1280 is an electronic labeling system that’s great for home or office use, it offers six auto formats, five framing options and nine type styles. Three different type sizes automatically adjust the text size according to the tape width. The PT-1280 is flexible when it comes to tape sizes and types. It works with any kind of tape within the “TZ” family, including standard adhesive tape, flexible ID, extra strength, acid free, fabric and more, they are durable, laminated tapes, laminated surface wipes clean, withstands water, grease, grime, fading and abrasion. No matter what kind of tape is used, the PT-1280’s 180 dpi print resolution allows for quick, accurate printouts. With this P-Touch labeling tools, you can print the high-quality labels you need virtually anywhere you need them. If you or your business does a lot of repetitive label printing, the PT-1280 will be the perfect labeler for you.

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