Have you wiki How to Choose a Printer ? (with Pictures)

We received tons of question regard to how to choose a printer” from customers on daily basis, choosing a right printer involved with lots of concerns, some concerns are environmental, and some are economical, no matter how do you shifting your perspective in term of picking the right printer for your work or tasks, it’s definitely one of the tough decision making especially for the people who is currently running a small company, whether you should choose an “inkjet printer” or “laserjet printer”,  “Monochrome printer” or  “color printer”? whether you should choose an all-in-one printer? Such question, we have heard this a lots, and if you search these term on Google, a good site such as CNET or wikiHow might have covered in depth great content that will help you. However, the sites are not very clear with the budget issues since their goal is to be as neutral as possible, but all you have to know that, printer industry is a highly competitive market, and the price is always changing, and so does the technology, what we are trying to do today, is to help you to choose the right printer, it might not work for you forever, but considerable much longer that you expect.

Feel free to read the complete printer buying guide that prepared from 123inkcartridges.ca 

Step 1: Inkjet or Laser Printer

The main differences between the both are the ink cartridges that they use, for an inkjet printer, they use the ink cartridges, it’s mostly made by chemical liquid, and the toner cartridges for laser printer, which mainly use the powder.

Step 2: Single-function or Multifunction


Step 3: Monochrome (Black and White) or Color

The most simple way to interpret this is by thinking the following question ” What color should I use for the printing?” if you are type of person who prints document a lot, for example, word document, excel sheet, invoices..etc, then go for Monochrome, otherwise, go for color printer.

Step 4: Connectivity


Step 5: Extra features to consider

  • Paper Handling: Which size of printer that your printer is compatible with
  • Duplex : Is your printer enable you to print for two-sided?
  • ADF: AKA automatic document feeder, it basically means whether your printer will auto feed
  • Front USB flash drive port: Whether your printer is equipped with USB port.
  • Overall size and ease of installation

If you have any question regard to our printer buying guide, feel free comment us below or you can use the hashtag #ask123ink on our social media to get a quicker solution. Hopefully, this will be useful for you!


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