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Before reading this blog, I am sure about that the smart reader like you might had already Google searched terms such as” best printer buying guide consumer reports“, “CNET review for how to buy a printer” or even “printer buying guide from best buy“..etc, such site had provided in-depth content and printer review for helping you to choose the best printer that fits your needs, however, since the printer technology has advanced so fast during the last decades, the big company like HP had recently shifted their marketing strategies by pushing their “OEM ink cartridges” intensively by offering customer a so-called “cheaper OEM cartridges”, on the other hand, the Epson is offering the eco-tank printer in order to compete for the cartridges industry, this will definitely shift the consumer behaviour in term of choosing the printers that suit their needs. Customers no longer choose the printers through the traditional buying method including product review rating or durability test anymore, nowadays it’s more like the competition of supplies cost > the printer feature itself, feel free to read our how to choose your right printer page on our site!

Printer Industry facts that you should know:

  1. The battle between OEM & compatible ink cartridges
  2. Your cartridges cost might be more expensive than your printer
  3. compatible brands facts

The best way to choose your printer is by using the 5W1H formula “what” “who” where” when” “why” and “how”( at least it applied for me), these method has been scientifically proven to be efficient before sounding appropriate decision. Most of the people choose their printer by the costs, which is not really a great idea because they neglect the facts how much will be the after-purchase costs, which could fluctuate according to the market (In this case the cartridges cost). A prominent example could be the Black Friday printer promotion, most of the seller can push the printer as low as $40 dollars per printer, and later increase the cartridges cost dramatically, so in long-term, you are not actually saving the money!

The other example could be the HP brand, I remember 2 years ago, the price for the HP ink cartridges was very expensive, and the HP web site mostly relied sales from bigger retailer such as Staples, Best buy…etc, started from the end of 2016, we realized a tremendous changes for HP ink cartridges’ marketing strategy and around the beginning of 2017, HP spent tremendously advertising online, they had basically dominated the whole Google product listing campaigns, public transportation campaign and of course social media, and the most interesting thing, they did lower down their OEM price in order to compete with the compatible cartridges market share, which had influenced the cartridges price dramatically. By taking the two examples above, it is obvious that if you are planning to buy a printer, you better estimate the printer supplies cost in long run. Judging by the cost efficiency, I will always recommend our customers to go with the compatible ink cartridges, and the reason is, it’s always cheaper, no matter how hard OEM companies try to bid down the cost, compatible/manufacturer always stand out their price advantage based on the essence of production procedure and channels that they involved.

What type of printer that I should choose? 

Ideally, you do only have two main option, a laser printer or an inkjet printer, and the differences are varied by the printer ink cartridges that they used. For laser printer, they used the toner cartridges, the benefit of using this type of cartridges is the overall cost, since each toner cartridges use powder and will be able to produce roughly 3000 pages, a monochrome laser printer (which only prints black & white), it will bring down the cost as low as 0.08 cents per page. In comparison to the inkjet printer, it will be able to print as low as 0.20 cents, so you are the person who does not print lots of images, use the printer at least 2 times per week, then the inkjet cartridges will be your best choice.
















Regard to compatible brand choices, if you are the person who loves to compare price on Google or Amazon/ eBay, it’s not hard for you to spot incredible deals that cartridges can cost less than $1 dollar, but, do you think those are in fact good deal? The answer is No, and I would like to raise the awareness to our reader, if you  are  the type of people who really do not want troubles, please always select the branded compatible inks, you might pay a little bit more more (a few bucks), however, it is still much CHEAPER than the OEM one and also, most of the branded do have reputation, also means they can guarantee their defective rate is maintained at the minimum. For the $1 or $2 non-brand cartridges that you can find it on eBay, I highly doubt if you can find someone reachable to help you with the solution in case if that happens. That’s why choosing a brand such as like Moustache ink cartridges, which offers you warranty and have customer service support is definitely going to save you in the long term.

You can also read the article that has been featured in Gazette Montreal by understanding the Moustache brand story.


In our “How to choose the right printer” page, we have compiled an additional Step 5: extra features to consider: paper handling, Duplex, ADF, USB flash port or installation efficiency. Those component are also important when you are purchasing a new printer, mostly it’s related to the environment and the purpose how you are going to use your printer for? Some people would like to use it for school, and some for their business,  if you are purchasing the printer for your business then the printer features must be business orientated: Duplex, fast printing, lowest printing cost, wireless..etc.

Here are the best printers of 2017 from

Name Brother HL-L8260CDW Brother MFC-J985DW Canon imageClass LBP151dw Canon Pixma TS8020 Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer Dell Color Smart Multifunction Printer S3845cdn Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6590 HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-in-One Printer HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Printer HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556dn Samsung Multifunction Printer ProXpress C3060FW







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