What’s difference between Canon PGI-225 BK and CLI-226 BK?

The large black (PGI-225) is a pigment ink, owns solid particles suspended in a carrier liquid which evaporates. Pigment ink gives you rich, black text with crisp, professional quality every time. It leaves the color particles on the surface of the paper where they bond to the paper by grabbing on to the almost microscopic rough surfaces of the paper fibers. This black ink cartridge features a large-capacity tank that is part of an individual-tank system so it is easy to install and replace. It is widely used in printing text documents or in grayscale, will satisfy casual printing needs at home and the office.



The small cartridges, black and colors (CLI-226), are all dye based inks. The black printer ink features ChromaLife100+, which ensures it will deliver exceptional beauty and longevity every time. The ink resists heat and humidity so your prints will stand up to fading for many years to come and give you color fastness. It is made to soak into the paper and dry. Print sharp, easy-to-read texts and professional-quality black and white photos with the Canon CLI-226 Black Ink Tank, it will satisfy casual printing needs at home and bulk printing needs for work.



The PGI-225 is the main black cartridge (pigment), which does most of the black printing, while the CLI-226 black (dye) is more for mixing with other colors, its job is to give richer, deep colors instead of being just a black cartridge (like, give us deep/dark blues, reds, etc). Pigment will grab much more onto the paper, while dye is more vivid in anything. So Pigment-based BK is mainly used for TEXT printing, Dye-based BK is mainly used for the pictures.



When print mixed text and graphics documents, the PGI Black page yield is quite lower than printing photos, because the text costs a lot of pigment-based black ink. Meanwhile, print mixed text and graphics documents, the CLI Black page yield is pretty higher than printing photos, because printing photo costs a lot of dye-based black ink.

The page yield does not only depend on the ink volume, there are many factors which can also affect the page yield:

  • Type of printer
  • Type of paper used
  • Software application used
  • Print mode and driver setting
  • Content and type of document printed
  • Conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity and frequency of printing

4 comments on “What’s difference between Canon PGI-225 BK and CLI-226 BK?

    1. 123Ink.ca

      Hi Elizabeth, You need to replace canon CLI-226 bk.
      Although Canon PGI-225 PGBK and CLI-226 BK They are all black, they are different. Either of them run out of ink, you need to replace them. You can not switch Canon CLI-226 BK to Canon PGI-225 PGBK.

  1. Ranjan Bose

    do canon cl 225 and 226 cartridges (printer ix 6520) incorporate the printing head or is it in the printer tray that holds the cartridges?


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