How to remove Ink Cartridge Stains on Carpet

Replacing the ink cartridges from your printer can really be a messy affair. It is essential to clean it as fast as possible to improve your chances of being able to remove it completely. The method to follow will depend on the type of ink dropped on the carpet.


For powdered ink: First Vacuum the stain, holding the nozzle right above it. (Touching the carpet could press the ink deeper in.) Then, use a spot remover or carpet cleaner with foaming action to clean up the powdered ink. Soak up with a towel and repeat until there is no more stain. At last, rinse with water and use a dry towel to get rid of any residue of detergent or cleaning product.


For liquid ink: Soak up as much as possible with a dry towel and try to work from the outside of the spill inward, to avoid spreading the stain.  Then, take a wet clean cotton towel and pour some isopropyl alcohol on it (don’t put the alcohol directly on the carpet), and soak up the stain. Repeat until there is no more ink getting soaked up by the towel. If there’s still a stain, try using the same method but use household hydrogen peroxide instead, rinse thoroughly and let it dry overnight.


To prevent ink-jet spills in the future, try placing the cartridge inside a plastic bag before pulling off the covering strip and keep the bag around the cartridge while inserting or removing it from the printer.


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