What is the difference between Moustache® Brand Toners and Economical White Box Toners?

 Moustache® — OEM Standard Toner Cartridges

Moustache® is our new compatible cartridge brand which offers the best printing quality at an affordable price! You get the best valued products when you choose Moustache®.

From the toner components to the toner powder, each raw material is strictly selected to make sure only the best quality products are manufactured. 100% of our Moustache® toners are inspected on the line and need to pass various tests before being released to the market.

Components & raw materials quality control

Core accessories self-production

Toner powder analysis

Comprehensive raw materials inspection

Standardization production management

Standardized production process

100% test on the line

Rigorous PQ2 tests

Rigorous finished-products tests

Simulated shipping tests

Cartridges life tests

Extreme environmental tests

Our Moustache® toners have been granted various certificates for it’s pursuit of high quality. They are produced “in line” with OEM standards, delivering everlasting images alongside perfect text.

Our products are tested by the STMC, in high and low temperatures as well as moist and dry environments ensuring the stability of products. Our cartridges are produced by implementing ISO9001 quality management systems.

The ink and toner industry standard defective rate is 3%, while our Moustache® toner’s defective rate is even less than 1% according to the 2015 data.

What you get from our products is less trouble, less worry and complete satisfaction!

Economical White Box Cartridges — The Lowest Price You Can Get!

Our economical white box toners have no brand, they have a very competitive price compared to the other generic cartridges on the market. The quality is reliable too.

2 comments on “What is the difference between Moustache® Brand Toners and Economical White Box Toners?

  1. Balazs

    Is there a way to return empty cartridges to Mustache including unused plastic parts / the eraser package for further reuse. This would make people feel even better about producing minimum waste.


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