How to buy a good printer during back to school season?

Back to school season is coming up soon, it is usually one of the biggest seasons where you will be able to get greatest office supply deals during the year, so make sure you do not miss the deal. Today, we will show you some tricks on how to pick a good printer under your budgets.


Ink cartridges or laser toner

This is perhaps the most important factor you should consider before purchasing the printer, it’s related to how many pages and what types of documents that you are going to print. A laser printer uses toner cartridges and it’s suitable for high volume printing, it prints faster and  in a sense is more cost efficient since it uses the toner powder, on the other hand, the inkjet printer spreads the ink drops onto paper, it’s suitable for more refined images or even high-quality photos, since each ink cartridges stores a lower volume of chemical liquid, the cost of printing is higher than that of the toners per page. So it really depends on how much that you are planning to print. If you want to save money and you print a lot, then laser printers will always be your solution.

We made this infographic about the differences between OEM and compatible ink, you can take a look!


Paper Capacity

Most of the home usage printers will at least have an average 150 pages for a single tray, a larger volume of office printers might hold up to 200 pages or more, you should always verify if the printers that you want are compatible with different paper sizes. If you’re the type of person who prints a lot more than letter sizes, you should read carefully the printer specs before buying it.


Print Speeds

Lots of brands use the print speed as a performance indicator during specification, but it depends on the frequency of your printing activities. The PPM (page print per minute) is the unit how they measure the performance speed, the higher the faster. If you are a student doing lots of papers,  I would suggest any printer that surpasses 20 pages per minute. If you plan on using a printer for photography or colours, then the print speed may not be an important factor in your decision.


Wireless Printing

Wireless printing features have become mainstream compared to years ago, with a built-in WIFI or Bluetooth connection, you will be able to print your documents within a few clicks. Some printers even support Apple AirPrint so you can freely print from your iPhone as well as Tablet, which is very convenient for students.


Advanced Features:

They are many more advanced features that the printer might support, such things like duplex printing or LCD management control, scanning, faxing or even copying, it all depends on the purpose and what you are planning to use this printer for.


Your cartridge costs

This is perhaps the deal breaker when it comes to choosing a printer. Many companies use this as promo bait to attract customers by offering the printer for a cheap price, and after sell cartridges for at a super HIGH PRICE, which is totally not economical at all. When people are price matching or searching for deals, it implies that they simply want to save more pennies by getting a perfect deal, but not a money vacuum. This is where we come in. Buying our compatible cartridges is simple and cheap. In addition to the fact that they have a similar quality to that of the originals for only 70% LESS than the cost of the originals, you get the best knowledge support, customer service and more importantly a return & warranty policy.  This is not something those big retailers can offer.


Some printer models that we suggest for back to school deal from Brother 


Brother TN760 Toner Black Compatible Cartridge – Moustache®


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