Back to School: Add a Little Color to Your Life—Sharpie

Prepare a set of colourful markers for children cannot be underestimated. Maybe you will have an unexpected harvest because you never know what kind of talent and creativity your child has. A customer said: “My daughter hounded me forever to get these for her. I am so glad that I did. So many bright and vibrant colours for her artistic side to come out. We have been bringing up things around the house since they are permanent markers we decided to look into decorating some coffee mugs. We bought cheap mugs as we read they work the best and let her artistic side out a little.” Makes for great made with love from a little one gift. Next, I would like to recommend six kinds of the best seller markers.

Sharpie® Twin-Tip Fine Point and Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers, 4/Pack

Sharpie® Twin-Tip Fine Point and Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers, 4/Pack

Fine Tip

Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker – 7 Colors Available is the best seller of fine tip markers. The Sharpie permanent marker delivers precise lettering and numbering via a fine tip for clerical purposes and labelling. I’ve had some for a few years and there still not dried out. My husband had some older Sharpie markers that were about five years old and still worked. I highly recommend the product which is also suitable for adults!

Ultra Fine Point

Sharpie® Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker – Black is priced at 1.59CAD. You will enjoy using these for work all the time as you often have to markup drawings. I assure you will be quite satisfied with them. The ultra-fine point allows you to write legibly.

Bullet Tip

Sharpie® Oil-Based Paint Markers is an amazing paint pen! The coverage is good, they dry quickly and work well on surfaces on which writing is usually difficult. Like paint pens, you do have to press down the marker to get the paint flowing. Works great on outlining canvas (looks exactly like paint). Such a great deal, same pens sold at Walmart for over $10. Shipping is very fast as well.

Chisel Tip

Sharpie® Accent Liquid Highlighters, 4 Colours Available is the anti-roll barrel, you don’t have to worry about the marker falling off your desk when it’s set down. Whether you want to make bold lines or fine, detailed lettering, the Sharpie Chisel-Tip Permanent Marker offers the versatility you need.


Sharpie® Twin-Tip Permanent Markers, 4/Pack offers dual degrees of precision with both fine and ultra-fine tips in the same marker. The fine tip on one end enables precise lettering, while the ultra-fine tip on the other end is perfect for making extremely narrow lines in tight spaces. Nice design!

Brush Tip

Sharpie® Brush Tip Permanent Marker, 8 Colours lets you tackle all your ambitious creative projects with a larger and flexible tip. You can easily control the width of lines you wanted with the pressure of your hand. Fade- and water-resistant ink in 8 bright colours meets all your needs.

Most parents and children love Sharpie very much and it has been one of the most popular permanent markers ever made. After I sum up, there are several reasons as follow. Firstly, quality guarantee. Sharpie markers are known for quickly drying, and being permanent and water resistant on most hard-to-mark surfaces such as glass, metal, photos, coated paper and most plastics.  Secondly, safety. The nontoxic formula is safe for use by children and adults so kids can work on art projects with Sharpie markers without worry. Thirdly, pop colours. The ink looks a little drab when going on, but once it’s dry, the colour really pops out. Last but not least, plenty of choices. Fine tip, bullet tip, chisel tip and many designs give you a voice to take what you want to express to the world with passion.

Sharpie® Brush Tip Permanent Marker, 8 Colours

Sharpie® Brush Tip Permanent Marker, 8 Colours

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