Back to school, a New Report Cover for Your Children

A new school year is coming and our children are either complaining about the thought of another school year upon them or can’t wait to get back to seeing their friends. But anyway, it’s time for our kids to back to school. There are some things that we can do for our children to help them perfectly start the coming school year. Now, here are some tips to help you prepare for back-to-school.

Report cover cannot be separated from anyone’s campus life. Your children are no exception. Therefore, the report cover is necessary for you to prepare. With a report cover, a lot of handouts, test paper, report and learning materials could be classified perfectly and be cleared at a glance. Hilroy is the brand Canadians grew up with. It is the leading manufacturer and marketer of school, home and office products in Canada. It offers a full line of products for students of all ages. Hilroy DUO-TANG Presentation Cover – Letter Size, which is sold of $0.54, is very popular on our website. Six colors are available for this kind of report cover, including yellow, green, light blue, black, white, light gray and dark blue. It  is made of lightly-textured cardboard with three fasteners. Another hot sale product of Hilroy in our website is Hilroy DUO-TANG Report Cover – Letter Size. There are two types for you to choose, one is glossy texture, and the other is textured cardboard. Different type has a different specification. The glossy texture one is only with two pockets and the textured cardboard is with two pockets and three fasteners. If you order this kind of report cover, we will deliver with random colors.

Hilroy DUO-TANG Report Cover - Letter Size

Hilroy DUO-TANG Report Cover – Letter Size

Our website offers many kinds of report covers. You’ll always find one that is suitable for your children. GEO DUO-TANG Poly Presentation Cover – Letter Size, which is a hot sale on our website, is also a fine choice. It has two types, one is with three fasteners and two pockets, the other is only with three fasteners. The one with three fasteners which is sold for $1.80 is $0.11 cheaper than the other one. The three mentioned products are solid-coloured. If your children like report cover with the decorative design, then VLB DUO-TANG Swirl Report Cover will be perfect for them.  It looks very fashionable with swirl decorative design on the report cover. If your children want to find the material easily, please use Oxford DUO-TANG Report Cover—Letter Size. Because Oxford report covers have a clear front cover which helps showcase your title page so that you can find what you want easily. This report cover is with two concealed prongs, three metal fasteners to hold hole-punched paper securely. And it can hold up to 100 letter-size (8 1/2″ x 11″) sheets of paper.

GEO DUO-TANG Poly Presentation Cover & Oxford DUO-TANG Clear Front Report Cover

GEO DUO-TANG Poly Presentation Cover & Oxford DUO-TANG Clear Front Report Cover is a professional online shop. In addition to the above-mentioned products, our website also offers other school supplies. You will enjoy shopping on this website. We are willing to offer you the best service. We offer free shipping for all the orders above $49. You will absolutely have a happy shopping experience on our website. Visit, and enjoy the fun of shopping online!

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