Moustache Toner HP CE505A Review

HP is one of the most popular printer brands because of its outstanding performance. However, the good quality of the printer only cannot assure a perfect printing. Your printer needs a good partner— a toner to help it accomplish the printing. When it comes to buying toners for HP LaserJet Series printer, HP CE505A toner cartridge is absolutely the best choice. HP CE505A toner cartridge is a black standard yield toner cartridge with a page yield of up to 2300 pages. Its shelf life is up to 2 years. It is known to all that the original toners are of good quality but are very expensive. Therefore, I think it is wise to buy a good compatible toner to replace the original toner.



Moustache is absolutely the best brand for compatible toners. Firstly, Moustache toners are cheaper in price than the original toners but they can offer you the same printing quality as that of the original toners. Secondly, Moustache toners are certified by ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 196752 and ISO 19798 which means Moustache toners can assure you an amazingly good printing quality. Moustache has two branch brands: Aster and Seine and the toners of the two branch brands print very well. The following pictures are the scanned copy of the pages printed by the original HP CE505A, Aster and Seine.

You may be confused about the difference of the printing performance between the Moustache toners and the non-Moustache toners. Seeing is believing. Let me show you the difference.

The Comparison Among OEM, Moustache and Non-Moustache Compatible Toner

The Comparison Among OEM, Moustache and Non-Moustache Compatible Toner

You can see from the  scan copy above that non-Moustache toners print with darker color than Moustache toners. What’s more, the non-Moustache toners have serious leakage problems which may cause a lot of trouble when cleaning your printers.

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3 comments on “Moustache Toner HP CE505A Review

  1. Mark Borg

    first use for moustache. cartridge hp 505 is not the same as original hp – no cover over the drum on this one. prints solid black page, I am not impressed. Had to buy new HP genuine to get the job done, disappointed after 4 day wait for shipping etc.


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