The Cheapest Cost Monochrome Laser Printer Under $50

Printer is one of the most common device in office. A good printer can greatly improve our work efficiency. A perfect printer should be small in size, fashion in its design and have a high printing speed to cope with the large amount of printing. It would be so much better if this printer is cheap in cost and have a fantastic performance. Somebody may argue that such wonderful printer do not exist on the earth. However, Pantum P2500W Monochrome Laser Printer will prove the argument wrong.

Pantum P2500W is a real cost-saving solution invested by Lenovo. It has a sleek design and a compact size (13.27″ x 8.66″ x 7.01″) which make it fit nicely on any workspace. It costs you just one step to install. Wi-Fi connection is available. This printer offers a fast printing speed with 23 pages per minute. The most amazing function of this Pantum printer is that it can be connected with the mobile phone and tablet which means that you can print the documents or photos in your mobile phone or tablet directly.



You may consider that one gets what one pays for and such good printer–Pantum P2500W is absolutely a expensive one. Sorry, you are wrong. Pantum P2500W is sold at only $39.99 on our website If you are a boxing777 customer you can get extra 15$ off plus free shipping. That means you can get such great printer with just $24.99. What a crazy deal! You can also get the original toner cartridge for P2500W— PB-211 on our website at the price of only $39.99.

If you are interested in the mentioned products or other related product, do not hesitate to go to our website. Our website offers free shipping for all the orders above $49. If you have any problem with our products, please feel free to contact with us. We will spare no effort to offer you a happy shopping experience!

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