Pantum P2500w Reviews and Ratings

Pantum is the first ever Created-in-China printer brand and is an international producer and provider of printing consumables—toner cartridges, printer drums, and the like. Backed by thirteen years of experience in the industry, Pantum specialize in producing reliable and affordable printers that provide a simple printing experience. As innovators, they are constantly expanding and focusing on lower-end business laser printers and multifunction printers (MFPs). Such as, the Pantum P2500w laser printer on has a rather sparse feature set, low price, respectable speed, and solid text quality make it worth considering as a personal or home-office printer for light-duty use.

Pantum P2500W Monochrome Laser Printer with Wireless

Pantum P2500W Monochrome Laser Printer with Wireless

Running costs: Pantum applies new ideas and concepts to create value-added laser printers with robust features and very low operating costs. Pantum printers are designed with sturdy print engines that ensure a much longer working life to meet a higher monthly workload than comparative products. Pantum’s claimed running cost for the P2500w, based on the standard yield (1,600 pages) Pantum PB-211 Original Black Toner Cartridge, is $0.02 per page. This is typical of a bargain-basement monochrome laser, and compared with the Brother HL-1212W, the Samsung ML-2165W, Pantum P2500W’s running costs were marginally lower.

Printing speed: Pantum P2500w laser printer’s printing speed is up to 23 pages per minute, a respectable speed. It is much faster than the Brother HL-1212W, which rated at 21 ppm, the HP P1102w $194.99, rated at 18 ppm, and the Samsung ML-2165W $179.99, rated at 21 pages per minute.

Mobile Printing: The WiFi connectivity of the P2500W printer ensures greater printing freedom, allowing multiple devices to connect to the printer simultaneously. A wide variety of different devices can connect easily to the Pantum printer, which makes printing a simpler and more efficient process in the modern workplace.

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  1. Annette Ducedre

    I bought this printer in June. It worked well for a few months and then it suddenly developed an aversion to printing lines. On a spreadsheet it will print either the vertical lines or the horizontal lines, but not both. If I print out a text and have a sentence underlined, only about an inch at the start of each line will be underlined. I’v e exchanged several emails with Pantum, sent them scanned copies of how it’s printing and they never heard of that before. I haven’t heard from them since December 7.


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