Which Kind of TV Wall Mount Do You Want?

For most families around the world, Television is a major and favorite medium for them. Even if the computer industry and film industry are developing rapidly, watching TV at home is still a top media choices for many people. It can reduce your entertainment purchases effectively while you stay at home for entertainment, rather to go to a cinema. In industrialized countries, it is very common that a household has at least one television. With a TV, we can watch various programs, movies and so on. In order to enjoy a better visual effects, or make the living room more luxurious, most people will plan to wall mounting their TV. Maybe you want to buy a wall mount to decorate your TV, so let me give you a brief introduction about different types of TV wall mounts.

Full Motion  TV Wall Mount

Full Motion TV Wall Mount

(1).Articulating TV Wall Mount:In other words, we can call it a cantilever count, it is flexible, and allows a wide range of motion. If your room is quite spacious, you can use an articulating bracket to mount your TV, this mount can make your TV swivels to right or left, wherever you are in the room, you can always enjoy a best viewing angle, this adjustable TV wall mount is an ideal choice for rooms which have multiple viewing locations. In order to guarantee the safety, this kind of TV wall mount must be secured on wall studs, it is not easy to install.  Articulating wall mounts can be offered for TV of 32″- 42″, 37″- 55″or 37″- 60″sizes.

(2).Flat TV Wall Mount:It is a basic type of TV wall mount, it doesn’t like the articulating TV wall mount can tilt up or down, it is stationary. Once your TV has been mounted, you can not adjust the placement, and it is very difficult for you to plug any new cable. Use a flat mount to mount your TV, then your device will be parallel to the wall all the time, and the distance between the television and the wall is very close, all the cables will be hided. This wall mount is usually offered for TV of 32″- 42″, 37″- 55″or 37″- 60″sizes.

(3).Tilting TV Wall Mount:It allows downward tilting movement, and this mount can be adjusted from 12 to 15 degrees up or down to avoid a glare on the TV. Even if you have mounted the TV securely, you could still adjust the angle and plug in some new cables.

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