The differences between OEM and compatible toners

Printers are the workhorses of office equipment. Toners, after all, as a necessary part of the printers. While traditional printers use ink, laser printers use a powdery substance called toner, which are known to have a longer life than inkjet cartridges. If you owned a Brother MFC-8510DW Monochrome Laser All-in-One Printer, you may have already considered how to lower printing cost. You can’t avoid to make a decision to purchase the original or the compatible toner!

Before making a decision, you should find out what’s the difference between the OEM and the compatible toner. The article will introduce the definitions and differences between them by the model Brother TN-750 toner cartridges, which was the most popular toner compatible with Brother printer DCP series, HL series, MFC series.

Definitions of Toner Cartridges

OEM toner cartridges also called the original toner cartridges or genuine toner cartridges. An OEM Cartridge is one made by the original equipment manufacturer. If you own a Brother MFC-8510DW Laserjet printer for instance, then the Brother brand is the OEM toner cartridge for your printer.

Compatible toner cartridges are made by a third party manufacturer and are made up of all new compatible parts. It has a similar quality to an OEM cartridge. It is easily confusing with the remanufactured toner cartridges, which are when a manufacturer takes an original OEM cartridge, disassembles it, tests and replaces any worn parts, fills it with toner and re-assembles.

Brother TN-750 OEM toner cartridges have the highest quality and level of precision. These toners are ideal for providing the best printing quality and have a much lower fail rate. However, the high cost of OEM brand toner cartridge is hard to satisfy most customers which are nearly twice to four times money than compatible toners. Another problem with OEM toner cartridges are the fact that we live in an environment-friendly society. OEM toner cartridges are not biodegradable, which do harm to the environment.

Brother TN-750 OEM Black Toner Cartridge High Yield

Brother TN-750 OEM Black Toner Cartridge High Yield

Buying Moustache Brother TN-750 New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Up to $49, offers you free shipping. What’s more, our special brand Moustache Toner Cartridges, which developed in independent high-tech Development and Research Department, manufactured under ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificate, provides stable quality and technique, shows much more better than any other compatible toner cartridges.

Moustache Brother TN-750 New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

Moustache Brother TN-750 New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

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