Is Compatible Toner Cartridge As Good As Original Toner?

What is a OEM and a Compatible toner? What is the difference between these two kinds of toners? Let me give a brief introduction to you. OEM Toner Cartridge, or in other words, original toner cartridge, is made by original equipment manufacturer. If you own a Brother printer, then the Brother brand is the OEM toner cartridge for your printer. OEM toner cartridges are expensive, because they are manufactured to the best print quality. This is why the printer manufacturer will recommend you strongly to purchase their original toners. OEM toner own the highest quality, but it is certain that they have the disavantage as well, the disadvantage of buying a OEM toner is the high cost, if you find one is economical, then you will understand soon why it is cheap is because its cost per page is low. In fact, the original toner is not eco-friendly.

So what is compatible toners? A compatible toner is manufactured by a third party manufacturer, and it is made from new compatible components. Its quality is very similar to an OEM toner cartridge. Compatible toners can provide good printing quality at a low cost, its cost is much cheaper than the original toner, half of the branded toner. Nowadays , it is easy to find and buy a compatible cartridge for your printer. In an ecoconscious world, buying a compatible toner is more environmentally friendly.



If you own a Brother DCP-8155DN Printer, and you want to buy a high quality and low cost toner for it, then Moustache Brother TN-750 Compatible Toner Cartridge is an ideal choice for you. It was manufactured by large factories under strict quality control during its manufacturing process. And this Moustache compatible toner has the same page yield and shelf life with the original one, it is almost as good as the OEM toner.

Come to, a reputable online store in Canada, buy a high quality compatible toner, then you can save your money and help the environment.

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