The Cheapest Cost Printer for Your Home and Office

Some of you may think it is an easy task to buy a printer with good cost performance for your home and office. But when you scan the online shop, you may be scared by the large amount of the types of printers and the data of printers which seem so difficult to understand, and do not know how to choose the one you really want. You do not know you should buy a laser or inkjet printer and you do not know you should choose a monochrome model or a color model. In the following part, I will teach you how to choose a printer for your home and your office.

Compared with inkjet printers, laser printers are more costly in price but they offer a better print quality and a lower cost per page. Besides, the printing speed of lasers are faster than lasers. But inkjet printers can offer a higher-quality photos than laser printers. So when you confronted with the question of choosing lasers or inkjets, you should probably firstly ask yourself what you really care about: price, printing speed or quality. The problem of choosing a monochrome one or a color one is comparatively easy to be solved. You should just make sure whether you need to print document or photos in a colorful way or not before you make a choice.

Pantum P2500W Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer is a good choice for your home and office because of its good quality and dramatically low price. It needs just one step to install and offer Wi-Fi connectivity. Its compact size and sleek design enable it to fit your home or office perfectly and help you to save more work space. This printer offers a fast printing speed with 23 pages per minute. The most amazing function of this Pantum printer is that it can be connected with the mobile phone which means that you can print the documents or photos in your mobile phone directly. You can buy Pantum P2500W on and it just cost $114.99. If you use coupon, you can even enjoy the price of $39.99.

The toner cartridges of Pantum P2500W is Pantum PB-210 OEM Black toner cartridge which can also be bought on with $49.99. Such great product with such great cost performance is not easy to meet. If you are interested in our product, please scan our website.


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