Best Printer for College Students

Apart from computer and cell phone, the printer has become another popular item for students. Although most colleges offer printing service, some of the students still want to bring their own printers to their dormitories because they think printing will become easier and more convenient for them if printers are so easy to approach, especially when they need to print tons of research papers for proofreading or for handing in them to the professors. One of the most popular ways for students to buy printers is absolutely buying them online. But there are hundreds of thousand printers on the Internet, what should the students do to choose the most suitable printer for them?

The first thing the students should think about is to buy laser printers or inkjet printers. Most students need to print black-and-white copies and laser printers may be the better choice for them. Then the students should consider the size of the printers. Generally speaking, student dormitory does not offer a very large space and thus the printers for students should be small in size. Another important thing for students to concern about is the price. The student should be encouraged to be frugal so the prices of their printers are not supposed to be high.

Pantum P2500W Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer is the perfect choice for students. It just needs one step to install and offer Wi-Fi connectivity and its memory is up to 128MB. This laser printer can print in a high speed with 23 pages in one minute which can help the students to print the materials they need in no time. Its compact size and sleek design can perfectly save the space of the dormitory and enable a better environment for the students to study. Pantum P2500W has one amazing function, that is to be connected with mobile which enable the students to print the photos and documents from their cell phones.

September is approaching and it is time for students to prepare the items for a new semester. Pantum P2500W can be bought on and it just costs $114.99. If you use the coupon, you can even enjoy the incredible price of $39.99. The toner cartridge for this printer – Pantum PB-210 OEM Black toner cartridge is also available on the same website. We offer free shipping on all orders above $49.99. If you are interested in our products, please do not be hesitate to scan our website.


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