Best Laser Printer Choice for School

Printers are needed in every school. The nightmare of students – tons of test papers and countless teaching materials are printed by printers.Students also need printers to print various of material and their research papers. Therefore, the printer for school should be easy to install and can print in a high speed. Meanwhile, it had better be small in size and not to occupy so much space.

Pantum P2500W Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer meets all the requirements listed above.  It takes just one step to install and offers Wi-Fi connectivity. It prints in a high speed of 23 pages in one minute which enables the hundreds of thousand test papers and research papers to be printed in a short time. In the school students need to print black-and-white copies instead of color copies of learning materials and research paper, thus the monochrome model is just enough for school. Besides, the compact size and sleek design make the printer occupy small space and perfectly fit the work space of school. What’s more, Pantum P2500W can be connected not only with the computer but also with the mobile phone which enables teachers and students to print the documents from the mobile phone directly.

Printers with high price are never the first choice for school and Pantum P2500W is happened to be sold at a low price of just $114.99 on If you use a coupon, you can even enjoy the extremely low price of $39.9. The toner cartridge of this printer is Pantum PB-210 OEM Black toner cartridge and it just costs $49.99 on

September is coming soon and the new term is approaching. It is time for school to prepare everything for the examinations of the new term which may cost a lot of printing work. A good printer is needed for the task. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to scan our website and we will try our best to assure you a pleasurable shopping experience. We offer free shipping on all the orders above $49.

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