Does Moustache Brother TN-420 Toner can compete with the OEM quality?

Brother TN420 compatible toner was not new for those who have been used Brother series printer for many years. It has the advantages of High Quality & Reasonable Price, this beat out competitors and became the most popular toner of Brother. However, you may unfamiliar with the Brand Moustache, the highlight of this Moustache toner is that it produces the same amount of pages as OEM counterparts. And the same bright graphics, crisp and clear text that you can get from OEM TN420, but the much cheaper price.

Brother TN420 New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

Brother TN420 New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

Comparison of Brother TN420 & Brother TN450-Moustache
With respect to page yield, Moustache Brother TN420 provides the standard yield up to 1,200 Pages which will satisfy our regular daily printing demand. But for those who require extremely high yield page, the Brother TN-450 (High Yield Version of TN420)will be the best for them. TN-450 exceptionally yields up to 2,600 pages (at 5% page coverage) while toner pages may vary hinge on print type. Although the new Compatible TN420 appeared similar in shape and quality to the TN450, however, both price is little different. Moustache TN420 was sold at $22.99 while TN450 was sold in $24.99. Unlike the other compatible toner on the market which comes with poor quality, we’ve spent considerable time and effort in the research and testing our Moustache toner. During our test, compatible TN420 fits the same as the OEM with no issues being inserted or removed, there were no printing quality issues like abnormal noises, lines, banding, toner specks and more.

Brother TN-450 New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

Brother TN-450 New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

But from another side, some of our attentive customers feedback that our tn420 have a light smell when printing, so I’d like to explain it on technically. The laser printer operation requires melting the toner powder onto the paper, it is inevitable send out smell especially when printing multiple pages by a laserjet printer.(OEM toners may have this smell too). The light small shouldn’t dramatically affect your health, So don’t worry too much. All toner cartridge is made from all new components and has passed ISO14001 certificate and ISO9001 for their quality, produce more high-quality print and make no direct impact on the environment.

Comparison of Compatible TN420 and OEM TN420
When you see the following picture at the first time, you may find it hard to tell the difference between OEM and Compatible TN-420. But when you get close to it, you can discover that the OEM toner print more precise as well as better distributed, but the colour that new compatible toner appeared is deeper. Owing to the deep colour makes the compatible TN-420 printout more noticeable than the OEM counterparts.

Closer look of the differences between compatible toner and OEM tested from

Closer look at the differences between compatible toner and OEM tested from

The compatible printer of Brother TN420 New Compatible toner are as followed: Brother – DCP Series: DCP-7060D DCP-7065DN, Brother – HL Series:HL-2130,HL-2132 HL-2220, Brother – IntelliFax Series: IntelliFax-2840 IntelliFax-2940, Brother – MFC Series: MFC-7240 MFC-7360N MFC-7365DN and more.



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