Only $18.99: Canon CLI-251XL OEM BK/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Ink Cartridge

Are you just looking for Canon CLI-251XL OEM Ink Cartridge in BK, Cyan,Magenta or Yellow?Come here should be have a good luck!The original (OEM) Canon CLI-251XL OEM BK/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Ink Cartridge here in Canada largest ink store is having 4% to 9% discounts off from the original price. All Canon CLI-251XL OEM ink cartridges, no matter in BK, Cyan,Magenta or Yellow, are all only cost $18.99 right now. This is really a good deal. All this OEM cartridges are genuine cartridges from Canon and the goal of this Canon CLI-251XL OEM Ink Cartridge is to offer the ultimate printing experience for owners. Take one of them in the store; you will get the best high quality printing supplies with the lowest costs. Moreover, the delivery is very fast for all these ink cartridges are stored in their Western warehouse located in Vancouver and Eastern warehouse located in Montreal. It is very convenient to ship to all of Canada in superfast speed. You’ll never wait long.

Canon CLI-251XL

What’s more, the Canon CLI-251XL OEM Ink Cartridge is compatible with nearly all Canon printer models in Pixma Series, such as the PIXMA MG5420, PIXMA MG5422, PIXMA MG5520, PIXMA MG5620, PIXMA MG6320, PIXMA MG6420, PIXMA MG7120, PIXMA MG7520, PIXMA MX722, PIXMA MX922, PIXMA iP7220, PIXMA iP8720 and PIXMA iX6820. If you have one Canon printer listed here, you can’t miss such a nice chance. Just take the BK/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 4 Ink Cartridges; you can save as much as $8. If you are a physical store wholesaler, it is also a good time to take them in store. They are really perfect for small business or personal use. With one Canon CLI-251XL OEM Cyan ink cartridge, you can print up to 705 pages in its 2 Years shelf life time. While the Canon CLI-251XL OEM BK ink cartridge can print up to 5000 pages. The Canon CLI-251XL OEM Magenta Ink Cartridge print 690 pages, the Canon CLI-251XL OEM Yellow Ink Cartridge print 675 pages in the 2 Years shelf life time.

Come here to meet these Canon CLI-251XL OEM Ink Cartridges in store is really a lot. If you are an old customer, you can know that in this store, order things over $49 can share free shipping. Take Canon CLI-251XL OEM BK/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Ink Cartridge only in three color or just three in one color, you can enjoy shipping with free. It is really nice deal! Compare to the dear price in physical store or other place online, take the one you need in this store will help you saving the printing cost in a largest degree. Facing so good products in lowest price, no one meet them will miss. So, you should order as fast as possible to avoid them all sold out. Hope this paper can help you, have a good shopping!

2 comments on “Only $18.99: Canon CLI-251XL OEM BK/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Ink Cartridge

  1. cartridgeonline

    There’s many brand cartridges are available in online e-stores that can print up to 5000 pages with excellent quality. You can compare them with other cartridges based on prices and quality.
    HP 49 (51649AE) is one of them. you Can choose this one for better quality.
    BTW, excellent post about Canon CLI-251XL OEM Ink Cartridge.

    1. Shopper+ Admin


      We understand that our cartridges might not best the lowest cost , however, our quality is much better than places like ebay & amazon, the quality is very unstable, moreover, their can’t guarantee the service like how we did to our clients, and that is why we are differentiate them by promoting our toner brand, lot of clients used to purchase from small store like that and not feeling happy about it because the quality, that’s why we are here !


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