HP CB540A New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge Review

With the goal of cut down the printing cost, new compatible toner cartridges are designed for any type of printer, help to low down the cost. As the scientific development, the printing quality is key important for new compatible toner cartridges. For example, HP CB540A Compatible Toner Cartridge, which design for HP Color Laserjet Series printer, as the Color LaserJet CP1210 model、Color LaserJet CP1215 model、Color LaserJet CP1515N model、Color LaserJet CP1518NI model、Color Laserjet CM1312 MFP model and Color Laserjet CM1312NFI.


In order to guarantee the best printing performance of this HP toner cartridge, our manufacturers would like to test various accessories under different environments to find the best configuration. Every material shall be repeatedly tested according to respective standard. In each link of production, the cross inspection ensures every product meets our high standard of printing performance. Before delivery, at least 2% samples shall be randomly selected from every model for printing lifetime test and with individually packed, which ensures every one of toner cartridge meets our standards on page yield and printing performance and without any damage caused during the shipping time. Through our industrious and rigorous effort, we strive to provide you with the best cost-effective products. The page yield of HP CB540A New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge is up to 2200 pages, this is the amount of the page for one toner cartridge can print. While the shelf life as long as two years, by the toner powder which uses for the toner cartridge is spread evenly and with chemical properties of stability. Moreover, the printing would not fade or vague as the ink cartridge and it also can not leak as the ink. Our manufacturers no only pay their attention to the quality but as well as the environment, in a word, all our manufacturers are the environment-friendly company, all they stricter enforce on the ISO series standard and then try their best to pass the ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.

Compare to the quality of the original toner cartridge which also meets the requirement of the same printers, the HP CB540A New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge can be a replacement for the OEM one without any problem. But it’s price is low then the OEM one, such kind of toner cartridge sale on the 123ink.ca only with the price as $39.99, it’s in stock, if you place your order for us, we would like to ship as fast as we can ,so you can get it in the early time.

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