Why Use Compatible Ink Cartridges?

When finding more and more people using compatible ink cartridges, you may feel confused, why? The answer is very simple. That is the cheap price but in just the same good quality as the OEMs. When using the expensive OEM ink cartridges, you may think about a lot of ways to save the dear ink. Indeed, it is necessary. For example, maybe you bought a UK Epson Stylus SX235W All-In-One printer just for £40; however the Epson OEM ink is well priced even among many competitors. The cost of an OEM Epson multipack (16ml capacity) is cost £23, and the one with double capacity costs £35. Clearly, the later will be best value into use. To the contrary, the cost of a compatible multipack with 67ml capacity is just £10, by taking it you can save £25 but with twice as much ink. When you need 4 standard multipacks with 32ml capacity every 3 months, there will be a consideration to compare the three ink cartridges. The cost would be the Compatible one need £20, while Epson needs £140, there is £120 saved, which equal to £10 per month. If the printer breaks down in 4 months, a new one printer and no worse off will occur if you use the compatible ink cartridges for you can still saved £40. Typically, wise people would like the way which help save money.

Brother LC103

Of course, changing printer every 4 months would be very bad for the environment. In reality, many printers can run compatible ink last for years while not months. Just our last office printer has ran solely on decent quality compatible inks for p to 6 years before a fault occur and starting to smudge the ink. Even 6 Years is really a long life for a cheap printer, it also will be break anyway when using the OEM ink. Under this condition, the £10 a month would be over £700 ($1000) saved.

Maybe you will still ask that is it worth to risk? If you are not care about money, and want share 100% sure of quality, use the OEM ink cartridges only can make good sense. However, for most of us, will considering the advantages of the compatible ink for the high cost of OEM ink. In a certain degree, if you need use more than 1 set of cartridges each year, it is worth the risk; if you need to print a lot of high quality photos regularly, the quality will be very important, however, you can test whether compatible ink is acceptable or not when facing the OEM ink with high cost. Meanwhile, you need to think if you have prepared to clean the nozzles of print heads while required and return or throw away a new set of compatibles when there is problem cause them don’t work. If yes, the risk is worthwhile even the well compatibles are likely to have more problem cartridges than the OEMs.

Consider all together, chose the OEM or compatible ink cartridges is yours. Before made a decision, you should have the truth that there isn’t always had problems in compatibles. A lot of people have saved hundreds over the years without caring any significant loss of quality. Of course, you may be unlucky with the compatible ink as there are also certainly horror stories from people who have used a bad set and ruin their printer. In fact, if you take the ink in good stores like 123ink.ca, there will be not that problem happed. You can visit there and take one for experience.

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