Review:Lexmark E250X22G New Compatible Drum Unit

It’s true that, the one of the high printing cost for printer is it’s drum unit, due to the high price comes with the drum unit, especially for the original one, it, usually comes with high price. At the same time, if we want to low down the printing cost, we should try to low down the cost of drum unit. In a certain way the Lexmark E250X22G New Compatible Drum Unit which sale in would be a perfect solution to help you to low down printing cost. As it’s price in is $48.50, compare to it’s original drum unit, this price really a gentle lower price, with it, you can save much more money from your wallet.

Lexmark E250X22G New Compatible Drum Unit

However, this compatible drum unit Lexmark E250X22G comes with the original drum unit quality. At the first, the most key point of drum unit—-page yield of drum unit which is the amount of the one drum unit can printed, is up to about 30,000 pages, both of the new compatible and OEM one is with same page yield. While it’s shelf life as long as two yeas, and the capacity also same with the original drum unit. In order to protective the drum unit, it is individually packed. In other word, this new compatible drum unit work as a replacement of the original drum unit without any problem, though it with lower cost. What’s more, not only suitable for one kind of printer, but as more and more of Lexmark printers, for example, E250 model, E350model, E352 model and E450 model. It’s good drum unit.

Thought this Lexmark Toner Printer is new compatible, our manufacturers take as Strict management system, flexible management concepts, it also comply with the ISO series standard which is the general standard of current international trade. We carrying out from the material procurement to product storage and have passed the authentication of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The reasonable price and high quality of Lexmark E250X22G New Compatible Drum Unit, it’s no doubt, the great present of Christmas of printer user. The goal of us is trying our best to enrich your printing experience. What’s more, there is lot of drum unit in stock, so we would like to ship out for you right now, once get your order. Hope you can get the new drum unit for your printer at soon as you place out your order.New guests who purchased at our website 123inkcartridges,ca can enjoy a 5% coupon, coupon does not apply to oem,on sale and low price items,expire end of  Dec.Free shipping code (limited time offer)

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