Review:Xerox 106R01627 Compatible Toner Cartridge Combo Set

Most people would like to purchase a kind of toner cartridge for their Xerox – Phaser Series printers, such as Phaser 6000 model、Phaser 6010 model、Phaser 6010N model. While some one like the buy the toner cartridge for their Xerox – WorkCentre Series printers, for example, WorkCentre 6015 model、WorkCentre 6015NI model、WorkCentre 6015VB model、WorkCentre 6015VN model、WorkCentre 6015VNI model. But it will be perfect, if there are toner cartridges which can compatible for these printers. In fact, there is one available for this kind of printer. In additionally, there is no only for one piece, but a set with four cartridges, include the black, cyan、magenta、yellow these four colors toner cartridges, this is the required toner cartridges for printers we mention above. These toner cartridge separate as Xerox106R01627、106R01628、106R01629、106R01630 new compatible Combo Toner Cartridge


The most key factor of the Xerox toner cartridge is their page yield, which is the approximation amount of the standard page printed by one cartridge, and there is a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percent. The page yield of the black toner cartridge is up to 2,000 pages, and the 1,400 pages for cyan, magenta and yellow toner cartridge, though measured at 5% page coverage. And all they get 2 years shelf life. Compare to original OEM Xerox 106R01627、106R01628、106R01629、106R01630 Combo cartridges,their quality are same, and the OEM one can be completely replaced by the new compatible toner cartridges without any problem.

Though it’s a compatible toner cartridges, but all our manufacturers are pay more attention to their quality, all they are strictly enforce standards of ISO series standard management, strong technical force, testing equipment, advanced technology unique, and pass ISO 9001 and 14001 certificate.

As a new compatible combo toner cartridge, it’s price is lower than the OEM one, and it sale at at $149.99 there is a 16% discount for you, and you can save about $30. In additional, there also, on sale with these type of toner cartridges separately, but their price are $39.99, so you can also get a discount for a set. Moreover, this set of toner cartridges is free for ship and we promises ship for you at the first time once get the order from you. And if you are the new buyer of, you can enjoy a 5% coupon, but this do not apply for the OEM, on sale and low price items and expire end of December.

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