Review:Brother LC103 New Compatible Ink Cartridge

Are you search for Brother LC103 New Compatible Ink Cartridge with lower price online for you Brother Printer, but not go on to use for the Original one? I would like to introduce the new compatible LC103 Value Pack Ink Cartridge which is include the black、cyan、magenta、yellow this four color for four Independent cartridge from G&G™ for you.

Brother LC103

This type of Brother Inkjet Printer get about 600 pages for each color as their own page yield which is the amount of the pages one cartridge can printed. And it have two years shelf life, we would like to make sure there is without any waste. Though it’s a new compatible, it completely same with the original one, in a certain way, it can be a replacement of the OEM one without any problem. Also, you do not need to worry about the quality, ink won’t run or smear and also would not create any clogged ink in the print heads, it can offer all you with a vi-vi printing for the text and image, what’s more it get outstanding compatibility. As no only compatible for the Brother – DCP Series DCP-J152W printer but also compatible for Brother – MFC Series printer, such as MFC-J245、MFC-J285DW、MFC-J4310DW、MFC-J4410DW、MFC-J450DW、MFC-J4510DW、MFC-J4610DW、MFC-J470DW、MFC-J4710DW、MFC-J475DW、MFC-J650DW、MFC-J6520DW、MFC-J6720DW、MFC-J6920DW、MFC-J870DW. In order to make sure the quality more and more perfect, our manufacturers comply with the ISO serial stand and performance them strictly, in additional, all they have pass the ISO 9001 and ISO 4004 certificate.

In a word, this new compatible Brother LC103 offer the same printing quality as the original one, but in a lower price, which on sale in at $18.99, there is 24% discount off for you till the 26 December, and you can save about $6 from its market price. Compare to the OEM which also sale in the at $39.99,only get cyan、magenta、yellow this three colors, this is higher about twice with the new compatible one, so, the new compatible one is the perfect solution for you save your money at the same time it can offer you with the same printing quality as the OEM, why not take this prefect ink cartridge for your printer? We promises to ship it at the first time receipt your order.

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