New Samsung Models Can Save a Lot of Toner

The compact SL-M2625D and the multifunction SL-M2875FW are two new Samsung models, they are not so cheap for users but can reduce budget on laser toner supplies. They can print up to 27-29 pages per minute maximum with their similar printing engine. The SL-M2625D has a compact chassis and a simple 250-sheet paper tray which make it more suitable for home users or personal users in an office. The SL-M2875FW has multiple functions such as scanning, faxing, and even has a 40-sheet automatic document feeder. Both of them can save users money on supplies, the following are the ways they can save money on printer toner.

The Eco Button
Both models of Samsung SL-M2875FW and Samsung  SL-M2625D have the One-Touch Eco button showing the quickest and easiest feature of saving money. Press this button will initiate the Toner Save mode to decrease the use of the amount of both boners for each page. It also can awake functions like N-up printing to reduce the use of paper by printing multiple documents onto one page. It is also able to reduce paper costs by printing on both sides of the page when choosing the duplex printing option. It offers you all these functions in control within the driver software, and all you need to do is press the Eco button and choose the options you want.

Easy Eco Driver
You can have met the problem when printing a web page that some content will be printed then you actually needed to. Such as full-color ads and some other needless pictures, they always have big coverage on web pages which lead to the waste on your toner and page. Samsung will fix this problem with their Easy Eco-Drive, when you need to print a web page or other document, you can have a preview of the page and you are allowed to choose the front lighter, remove pictures and other aspects that may cost more toner.

Separate Toner and Drum
These two Samsung models are produced economically owing to their separate cartridge and drum supplies. Different from models that combine the two supplies, this can really cut down the budget for toner cartridges, because they do not need to add the drum element within them. The drum does not have the need to be replaced as often as the Samsung toner cartridge which contributes to saving the cost per paper.

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