Multifunction Laser Printer Reviews

Do you consider to transform an inkjet into a laser printer? A laser printer will save a lot ink for you. To our surprise, the color laser printer now becoming increasingly cheap, this is a mature time to replace. As a matter of fact, inkjets may no longer the key for lay print solutions. Although the price of a multifunction inkjet is the same as the laser printer, unfortunately, the cost of printing per page is more expensive than laser printer. Inkjets two to three times slower than laser models print. However, the laser models print run very stable and the ink won’t overflow or the prints appear dry. In the case of the cartridges are empty, an inkjet will stop operating, on the contrary, the laser can continue to finish your job if you make the toner shake up and down or so.

HP® LaserJet Pro (P1102W)

Inkjet vs Laser: Price watch 
You may be glad to hear that laser printers are at a reduced price. What’s more, to give the matter further thought, the laser will be a cheaper option even though the price of an inkjet is the same as a laser. An inkjet provides cartridges that can print anything from 50 to 500 pages, however the laser’s toner can output 1,000 pages in one time, and some will even up to 3,000 or 4,000 pages.

Foe one thing, color inkjet can print、scan、copy and fax, all in one, however, a monochrome laser printer just prints. The services and functions of the two types of model are of great difference, and inkjets have more advantages. But you’ll see in our reviews, new functions have already appeared on laser printer. Network connectivity with Ethernet and wireless is now applied to some models, and the color printing even is the ample price as black and white. It is a very brave move, once the price of the color lasers reduced, the future of monochrome models is difficult to be seen.

Laser Limitations
With the progress of technology, it is too hard to find a laser printer that do the bad work with office documents. Under normal conditions, the printers will be darker or shallower than what you want. For photos, you’d better to choose the inkjets for your long-lasting memories. But laser printer can also print out the pictures too. However, the quality is not a patch on the inkjets what you get.

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