How to Refill and Reuse a Printer Cartridge?

When you start with a new digital camera, filming dozens of photos, and then download them to your computer, then print out some pictures, the ink cartridge has run out, so you have to replace a new cartridge, this time, you will realize that, in fact, the ink is very expensive in the home office.

If you do not want to buy a new ink cartridge filling, and the remaining sum of ink costs a few hundred dollars, you can follow this guide to learn how to refill your cartridges as this is a very simple operation, easy to learn.

1.Buy ink refill kits. In many office supplies have this discount cheap kit. It generally takes an average of half the price of printer cartridges. You can also find an online retailer to purchase this tool.

2.Gather the following items, complete kit, a roll of paper towels, and some scotch tape. Looking for a large working table, such as a dining table or desk. Now we can begin to learn how to fill the cartridges.

3.Remove the cartridge has run out of the printer. (Remember, the printer during operation, to check whether the printer cover closed, or not working properly.)

4.To avoid your hands stained with oil, it is recommended that you bring one pair of disposable plastic gloves, because you are going to touch a bunch of messy ink. If ink accidentally stained skin, please rinse with water.

5.Extracting a paper towel, fold it in half twice, when any one time leak ink, use a paper towel to wipe timely.

6.Place the empty cartridge on a paper towel.

7.Read the manual and how to use the supplied fill tool, to learn how to fill your particular type of cartridge.

8.Found filling hole cartridge top. Designated by rubbing your fingers can feel depressed. Some cartridges have more than one hole, but only one that lets you fill the ink reservoir leading place. Hole have a sponge inside.

9.Use sharp objects piercing the hole at the top of the cartridge, or you can use a knife to remove the top mark (right place, can be found in the kit instructions).

10.In addition to black, there are three colors of ink: magenta, cyan and yellow. In accordance with the instructions on the kit hole to insert each of the color or identified colors with a toothpick inserted into the hole , be careful not to mess up the color, so the cartridge will be scrapped.

11.Refill cartridges long needle correctly through the hole, into the bottom of the cartridge. Do not advance the cartridge air because the air pocket will make the ink can not reach the print head, you can not print properly.

12.Slowly add the ink cartridges, careful observation, to avoid over-filling.

13.When you see a little ink to leak, immediately stop the action until completely remove the needle, suck a little ink, and slowly release the air inside.

14.Carefully wipe with a paper towel ink cartridge shell, you should see the ink stains from leaking into tissues.

15.A piece of transparent tape affixed to the top of the hole. This is more useful than the kit seal point, make sure that no ink leaks out of the top holes. Be careful not to cross contaminate colors.

16.Each color ink cartridge must repeat steps 11-15.

17.When you refilled three colors, use a folded paper towel to blot the ink cartridge print head. Be careful not to wipe. Has been doing until it stops leaking, you will see a three-color stripes are displayed.

18.If the color is a bit faded out or not, in order to make the ink flow out, then try using a wet paper towel, then dried again.

19.The refilled cartridge into the printer. Never install leak print cartridges.

20.In order to let the ink flow, immediately print something, you can print a few test pages, it is best pictures of different colors.

21.Clean the printer within a certain time, in order to ensure the life of the printer.

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