How to Clean a Laser Printer Fuser

No matter what kind of printer you own, if you want to cut down the printing cost, you should find out a way to offset the high cost of all printer consumables include the printer fuser. It’s common idea that, proper maintenance can save more money for you, also, it can make your items last longer. There is a way to do that—-proper cleaning and maintenance help to extend the life of the fuser and save more money without any worse print quality. We would like to share such perfect way for you in this article, but before we do that, we need some tools, such as the fuser, soft cloth and vacuum cleaner. Make sure you get these three tools, and then you can follow my instruction to clean your laser printer fuser.

Step 1: Turn off the printer and wait for at least an hour, due to the fuser cartridge is very hot when the printer is on, it would burn you at that time, when it cool thoroughly, you can servicing it.

Step 2: Take the fuser off from the printer carefully. Most fuser of printers is located either on the back side of left hand side of the printer. While you can refer your owner’s manual to find out the exact location, and then, open the fuser door and flip down the retaining clips which used to hold the cartridge in place. Carefully move the fuser cartridge out of the printer and place it on a deck, table or any flat surface. In order to make sure there is without any oil from fuser, you’d better put a drop cloth down first.

Step 3: Wipe the all surface of the fuser, even remove any excess fuser oil that stay in the surface.

Step 4:Use the vacuum cleaner to remove all the paper dust or other debris stay in the area around the fuser rollers. The front of the fuser cartridge, you can use a smaller knobs to access the fuser roller. In additional, a small vacuum like the type which most people used to service computers is best for this clean work.

Step 5: After you have success to do above steps, you can put the fuser cartridge back in the printer and turn on it. Please make sure that, take some time to warm up the printer, and then, you can send a test page to double check the fuser can work properly.

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