Christmas special offer:Brother LC61 ink cartridge $8.99

It’s no doubt that the original ink cartridge will be better than the new compatible one, as the technological development and economic competition. More and more company would try their best to improve their product in quality as well as price. In other words, this is not only the quality competition but as well as the price competition. Therefore, there is a value pack of the LC61 which the black, cyan, magenta, yellow this four-colour from Brother, which is a large company good at printer and installation kit of printers. As new compatible ink cartridges, Brother LC61 ink cartridge on sale in with a lower price as $8.99, there is a 26% discount till 19 December, when compared to it’s original one, in fact, you can save $38.97 from your wallet, if you take the new compatible to as the replacement of its OEM one.

Brother LC61 InkIn order to get rid of poor quality inks which are easy to go blurry when highlighting on the printouts, this new compatible LC61 Value Pack take the highlighter resistance proved and fade resistance proved, and it can make sure you can keep your memories and achievements clear. In other hands, the page yield which is amount pages that print by one cartridge is up to 450 pages for black, 325 pages for colors, and it also has two years shelf life, so you don’t need to worry about so you can not use up it in time. As described above, the new compatible one can offer the same quality as the original one can do, and the page yield is completely same as the original one.

What’s more, such kind of new compatible ink cartridges ,no only compatible for one printer model, but great number of printers, as the Brother DCP Series and MFC series printers without any problems, include the DCP-165C、DCP-375CW、DCP-385CW、DCP-395CN、DCP-585CW、DCP-J125 and MFC-250C、MFC-255CW、MFC-290C、MFC-295CN、MFC-490CW、MFC-495CW、MFC-5490CN、MFC-5890CN、MFC-5895CW、MFC-6490CW、MFC-6890CDW、MFC-790CW、MFC-795CW、MFC-990CW、MFC-J220、MFC-J265w、MFC-J270W、MFC-J410W、MFC-J415W、MFC-J615W、MFC-J630W.

As the large dealer of printer and install kits of the printer, we would like to provide you with not only the lower price but also the best quality. And then, we also get the support from our manufacturers who strictly enforce standards of ISO and passed ISO 9001 and 14001.

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