Christmas Gifts & Toys for your Kids

Christmas is coming,are you still think what should you buy for you kids as the Christmas present? We would like to save your problem by provide you with some product that sale in our and give a Christmas discount for you.

1:24 4 Channel RC Car,

The first one we want to introduce for you is 1:24 4 Channel RC Car, there is two color for you choice, red and yellow. It design with a small size as19cm x 8.5cm x 6cm,the 3 x AA can work airframe battery and 2 x AA suit for remote control and can control about 30-40 meters, this car can run forward / back / left / right / light, the price which we sale only $8.99 and in further it will be $29.99.

WREBBIT Citadel of Minas Tirith

The second one would be WREBBIT Citadel of Minas Tirith – Lord of the Rings which is 3D Puzzle and there is 819 Piece to build it up. It is Original Wrebbit foam backed puzzle pieces. Highest quality of design and a detail illustration. The scene of the fiercest battle is between the world of Men and forces of Mordor in The Return of the King. Make you enjoy the crowning achievement. In shut, it’s a superb gift for the serious puzzler and the real 3D puzzle fan. What’s more it is on sale at $26.99, there is 32% off until Jan 01, 2015.

Educational & Puzzle

The Third one must be BLOCO BC-25004 DINOSAURUS Series Tyrannosaurus Rex & Triceratops. It’s a star-studded from the dinosaur age: the great Tyrannosaurus Rex, the spiked Stegosaurus, the majestic Triceratops and the long-crested Parasaurolophus. If you would like, they all come back to you. We would like to bring you with imagine new versions of these reptiles from millions of years ago, and it on sale at $22.99, there is a 34% off.

Griffin® MOTO TC Monster

The other one we also want to introduce for you is Griffin® MOTO TC Monster. With it, you are allowing to image, your house would become a smoke-filled, mud-spattered arena, and your iPhone place you under the wheel of a monster truck. Download the free MOTO TC Monster app in the iTunes App Store for your iOS device and you’re ready to wreak havoc from the touch screen of your ipa, iPhone or iPod touch. You can control as touch by a virtual throttle and steering wheel to maneuver the truck, motion by tilt the device to steer the truck, slide your finger though your display to direct the truck or control the truck through a series of preset routes, such as figure eights and track laps, this is a as vivid as life, it’s on sale now , you can get 28% and at the price as $42.99until Dec 31, 2014.Now or never, go to visit and take your present for your lovely kids.

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