Christmas deals preview: ink cartridge

To welcome and celebrate the Christmas festival, our store is taking activity to feedback the customers. In the store, there are many products including ink cartridges are promoted. It is a best time to visit our store to take some if you are just made a plan to buy ink and toner cartridges. To give you a precisely vision, there introduce three of them. If you are into them while reading, you can click the links directly or go to the homepage of our store. Of course, you can select others you needed there. Let’s have a look at the below three ink cartridges first.

Brother LC61 New Compatible Ink Cartridges

The first one is Brother LC61 New Compatible Ink Cartridges. Its original price in our store is $11.99. While before Dec 20, 2014, taking LC61-Value-Pack here is only $8.99, which shares 25% discounts and save $3.00. The price of this new compatible ink cartridge is lower a lot than the OEMs which need $38.97 more. And the quality of it is just same to the OEMs. This Ink Cartridges have included Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 4 ink cartridges, which can print 450 pages for BK, 325 Pages for Colors in the 2 Years shelf life. And it can be compatible with more printers. Taking it, you can not only enjoy the good printing quality but also save money for a better life. Moreover, you also can say goodbye to the low-quality inks.

Brother LC75 New Compatible Ink Cartridges

The second one is Brother LC75 New Compatible Ink Cartridges(High Yield Version of Brother LC71) – G&G™. In normal time, you need to pay for $19.99. However, there is 25% discounts until Dec 19, 2014. If you take the Brother LC75 Value Pack in our store within the time range, you can just pay $14.99 to save $5.00 for each. It is made from all new components. If your printer model is one of MFC-J280W, MFC-J425W, MFC-J430W, MFC-J435W, MFC-J5910DW, MFC-J625DW, MFC-J6510DW, MFC-J6710DW, MFC-J6910DW, MFC-J825DW and MFC-J835DW. It will be compatible to your printer without any problem. Moreover, our new compatible Brother LC75 Value Pack Ink Cartridge can offer you the same printing quality as good as OEM Brother LC75 Value Pack cartridges. And it will also print at least the same amount of pages as its OEM counterparts. This BK/C/M/Y Ink Cartridge can print up to 600 pages each colour in their 2 years Shelf Life.

HP 564XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

The third one is HP 564XL BK/C/M/Y Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Combo Set 2 (CN684WN/CB323WC /CB324WC/CB325WC) – G&G™. Before Dec 20, 2014, this HP-564XL-Combo-2 only cost $27.99, which shares 20% discounts from the normal price $34.99$ to save $7.00. And its quality is good enough to meet your printing needs. And it is compatible with nearly all HP printers. With one of it, you can print BK 550; C/M/Y 750 pages each in their 2 Years shelf life. It is really too economical. Grasp this chance to take one is a nice option.

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