The HP Tablet Is Here … In a Printer

Do you know that there is a new HP printer tablet in a printer? Maybe this tablet is not the “slate” you’re just finding for, but it really lends some crazy to a tablet market which will soon be pretty crowded. I’m sure that you have known something about the new HP printer according to reports. In size, the HP tablet measures 7 inches and the system of it is Android, which is a half open source operating system based on Linux and developed by Google and the open handset alliance and leadership and is mainly used in mobile devices. However, calling it an Android tablet is seems very disingenuous when in view of the custom interface and it’s lacking support for the third-party apps. While a lot of apps such as Google Maps, Facebook, weather and an e-reader powered by Barnes & Noble can preload on the device. And the main hook of the tablet is its inclusion with HP Photosmart eStation printer. For Laptop Mag pointing out in a video of the tablet, all the apps were included with printing in mind except a music player. Thus, the HP tablet can be detached from the printer in which it used and used outside home. To be as a truth, it is mainly supposed to be used as a way to look up information, print out information and take it with you.

Till here, you may have a lot of question raising from mind for you have hardly used printer anymore when there are smartphones and tablets were largely be used. While you can load it on a smartphone, why printing a map and get the turn-by-turn voice guidance? While you can just read, why printing out long documents and edit them on a tablet? In fact, the idea of using a tablet to browse and print Facebook photos is very alluring. However, all ideal tablets regardless of the printer brand are able to handle tasks like browsing and printing Facebook photos. For example, the Apple iPad could get a wireless printing feature in the next updated operating system. However, the HP Photosmart eStation printer is really cheaper than an iPad even it is less versatile. Even it is May not fair and wise to do such comparison; it is all we can get from HP before the arrival of the WebOS and Windows tablets of the company.

After reading the above, I promise you have known more clearly about HP Tablet which is in a Printer. Therefore, you can take full use of this new product when you need a printer to do business. Hope this paper can help you!Also,if you need more items,please visit our website

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