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Have you ever confused about how to increase the speed and quality of your fax. Actually, everyone really wants to get an excellent product that can satisfy their any requirements. Now there is a new unique fax which is functional and productive. LEXMARK X652de is a good thing to help solve your current problems, with their fast copying, duplex printing and even superior color scanning. What’s more, they provide you with high output of about 45 PPM and also an inner framework in seven inch touch screen so that you can easily set up in limited time.


Now let me introduce more features about X652de MFP in details: initially you can tailor with the apps in fully central color touch screen and smart shortcuts according to your need. Additionally, you can use a simple flash driver to address book and access to your personal scan or copy settings with my MFP. Furthermore, you can freely add aerospace driver with the support of simple multiple deployment through network and supply with formal software to save time manage in far away from some places on Lexmark. Last but not least, you can choose one from different kinds of advanced workflow-enhancing applications of Lexmark that can cut down your costs and flexibly analyze usage data and make full use of more function with their moving information and security. Take action to begin with your representative Lexmark.

Believe it or not, you can observe relevant information in Lexmark Printer. For example, this compact applies with 16M1260, 29.7×21.6×24.1 in dimensions and 100lbs in weight. You can see that Lexmark brand has X 652deMFP and 16M1260 model in MFC or all in one. With rapid economic and technology, they adapt with Monochrome output type and print in laser and the quality of black printing is 1200×1200 dpi or so. At the same time, don’t forget the time to first page is eight seconds. Several languages you can select freely such as PCL5e Emulation, PCL6 Emulation, PDF1.6, Personal Printer Data Stream and PostScript 3 Emulation and even the direct image Microsoft XPS. Duplex printing is another available part on the whole of progress and cycling pages are up to two hundred thousand monthly. Among them, 400% of copying is Max. Document enlargement and the other 25% is Reduction. Moreover, you can enjoy with 33.6kbps modem speed of fax spec and complete input and output settings.

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