Print anything from anywhere with Google Cloud Print

Have you thinking about printing anything from anywhere in the world even printing at home is simple?I guess most of us have imagined the situation. In fact, it is become true by a slew of cloud-connected printers. Of course, if you are a person stuck with a printer which doesn’t talk with the web, you can also have fun with the print-anywhere by helping with the Google Cloud Print. This become a free service from Google since 2011 when it begins to be a way to print to any-printer you had from Gmail, or other Google services. After that, Google added a lot of features such as expanding its functionality greatly and rolling out a Windows desktop integration and an Android app. While before sharing this easiest way to print anything from anywhere, you have to know how to get set up a non-Cloud Print capable printer with Google Cloud Print. To be friendly, there give you the guide, you can just following it.

Firstly, you have to download the Google Chrome browser on a PC which connected to the printer at home. Then sign into the browser by inputting Google Account, click the “hamburger” menu icon in the upper right corner of Chrome to go to the Settings > Show advanced settings > Google Cloud Print. Later, click “Manage” and “Classic printers” to Add printers. During the process, you can see a list of printers that connected to the PC appearing in a new tab and you need to uncheck the box next to the printers you won’t use with the Cloud Print. Of course, there is an option to register new printers to the account automatically.

Next, click the selection Add printer(s) and get ready to print from the cloud. As only need to adding printers to the account once, they will be available for you to print from any device that you have signed in with the Google Account. Moreover, there is a big drawback to the Google Cloud Print. However, it only works when the home PC is awake with Chrome running in the background and connected to the Internet. If y a job sent to home printer when PC is asleep or with Chrome shut down, the Cloud Print job will start to do the next time when the PC connected to the Internet and the Chrome is active.

In fact, as mobile devices are use more and more widely, it is also possible for you to try out Cloud Print from a mobile device with Android OS. If the device hasn’t installed the Google Cloud Print app, you also need to download the app from Google Play at first. To the users who have iOS devices, they can print from the Google Web apps like Gmail and Drive. Except that, to the users of iOS devices, using a third-party app like PrintCentral Pro is also ok. Then try the Cloud Print in Chrome via opening a PDF document in a browser of Google and Select the print option just as well as selecting the printer from the Cloud Print menu. Except the above, the users of Windows also can download the Google Cloud Printer that adds Cloud Print options to the regular desktop printing options. In this way, you can send a job to home printer from the desktop version of Excel or Word or whatever as well, if you’re working on laptop at coffee shop.For more information,you can always check

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