Flowers light–A nice gift for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is coming.Have you thought about who you want to thank you?Do you know which kind of present can express your gratitude adequately?Why don’t you think about the flowers light?It is a new product in,designed for Thanksgiving.Let us see if it can be your favorite.

Elegant design
The flowers light is using a white square frame to support and serve as a foil.The design of it is elegant.There are five branches of pink camellia as the main body.Besides,a lot of little purple flowers are around the branches.They make the camellias look more noble and elegant.What’s more,there are some green leaves at the branches,so that the camellias seem more delicate and charming. Just like the people you want to express your gratitude to.If she is a young lady or a beautiful woman,this light will be the best choice for you.

Environmentally friendly
The Creative flowers light is made of wood and clothe.As you can see,its flowers and branches are made of clothe,and the white frame is made of wood.These two kinds of material are both environmentally friendly,and so are the bulbs themselves.The producing material of the whole light dose not contain any pollution component at all.It is worthy to use without a little worry.

Close to nature
Pink,gives you elegance and fresh feeling,plus the purple and green surrounding,it looks more pleasant.Each camellia has a bulb in it,when the bulbs are turned on,the camellias look shining.Full of vigor and vitality.Put it in your room, it can adorn a wide range of interior styles.Let your room bright immediately.There is one more advantage of this flowers light.Compared with the fresh flower,the flowers in it always seems so beautiful.

As I just said,this light is set for thanksgiving,so,if you order now,it just needs $47.99,you can save $12(20%) until Oct 10,2014.What are you hovering for?Click here are many products in promotion now,you will get bigger surprise.


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