Dog Lover Mug(18 oz)–A lovely and practical present for you

Almost every culture in the world has held celebrations of thanks for a plentiful harvest. The American Thanksgiving holiday began as a feast of thanksgiving in the early days of the American colonies almost four hundred years ago.Turkey, corn, pumpkins and cranberry sauce are symbols which represent the first Thanksgiving. Now all of these symbols are drawn on holiday decorations and greeting cards.As friends of human,cats and dogs bring us a lot of fun and help.They always keep loyal to us and guard us no mater where and when.So,we look them as members of our family.Do you want to do something for your special “families”?Dog lover mug may be suitable for you and your pets.

Simple and fashion design
Pure black with a few flowers on it.It demonstrates the simplicity, fashion and personality.In the middle of flowers,there is a rectangle with a characters picture in it.What is the characters picture writing?It says Dog Lover(you have another selection that it says Cat Lover).Not only lovely but also warm.It combines your sincere kindly feeling with the mug itself.It will make you more comfortable when you use it to drink.It is designed for you and your pets specially.

Environmentally friendly
Our dog lover mug is made of a new kind of eco-friendly material.It belongs to a pollution-free product.It is environmentally friendly.No pollution.It is recyclable.
Practical and ornamental.

Usually,people use a mug to drink.The dog lover mug has this function without doubt.You can use it to drink your favorite beverage.It let you show your love to your pets.In addition,you use it as a decoration.Put it on the obvious position of your room.It will bring better atmosphere to your Thanksgiving.And everybody can feel this when they are at the sight of the mug.

For such a wonderful mug,it is not expensive at all.You will not believe your eyes when you see the price.Yes,it is just $4.99.It may be the cheapest present for thanksgiving.But this price will last to Oct 10,2014.You only have two days to make your wise decision.More details in your time.


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