Canon PG-210XL/CL-211XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge–How to Replace ink cartridge?

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Canon PG-210XL CL-211XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

The high quality CanonPG210XL CL211XL R Combo is recycled from an original cartridge which is known as Canon PG210XL CL211XL R Combo Ink Cartridge.This Canon ink cartridge contains ink at least as the same as the original genuine cartridge.We ensure that is environmentally friendly.It can meet all your demands in printing.

Replace the print cartridge notes:
Replacing the print cartridge must be carried out in accordance with the operating manual steps. The measurement of the capacity of ink printer is counted by the inside electronic counter of the printer.

In the process of replacement of printer cartridges, the printer will reset its internal electronic counter, in order to confirm that the installation of a new cartridge is finished.
Please note the following points when you are replacing ink cartridge:
1.To prevent impurities mixed ink box,you can not touch the ink box outlet by hand.
2. In order to prevent leakage of ink,please do not hit the ink box.
3.The ink is conductive, if it leaks on the circuit board,you should use anhydrous ethanol to wipe it out,wait until it is dry and then re-energized,or it may destroy the circuit components.
4.The ink box should be stored in a clean place and keep away from light, preservation temperature should be between -10 DEG +35 DEG c;
5.External cartridges cannot raise or lower.

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