Samsung ML-2165w Mono Laser Printer Review: A time-consuming yet affordable machine for print

Samsung ML-2165w Mono Laser Printer is on sale at an affordable price $104.99 from It is a monochrome printing machine which only uses black ink to create print-outs. It works up to a 1200 x 1200dpi resolution. The 300MHz processor improves the performance and printing speed. In case of printing, the first page output time is less than 8.5 seconds. This Mono Laser Printer is supported by a 300MHz Processor to produce 21ppm of precise, which can deliver prints quickly. So you can minimize time wasted hanging around the printer. The enhanced printer performance will streamline workflows and let employees, and businesses, reach their full potential. Doesn’t these features attractive? However, these are not the most reason you should buy this type of printer.

Samsung ML-2165w Mono Laser Printer

Samsung ML-2165w Mono Laser Printer

The most reason is that the Samsung ML-2165w can connect easily with several PCs and mobile devices with Wi-Fi Direct connectivity and provide service. The point is it doesn’t require you any time-consuming setup process. How sweet a little printer like it, for it knows our working time is limited and precious. Just use the wireless network, you can connect several computers and you don’t need to bother to borrow others’ printer from time to time, click your mouse, then it can control by your own computer. With one click, there’s no more extra editing or cropping of unwanted content-clutter from original webpages or documents. If a single page is what you want, it’s what you’ll get. Now, you can print anything, anytime you would like.

This model of Samsung Laser Printer can create beautiful, monochromatic prints on paper, labels, envelopes and card stocks. In the following festival, you can design you own loving cards to yours friends, family. Or you can print an official regular envelope to public some notes, etc. Just don’t be hesitating, bring this good helpful and sweet printer home or to your office. If you need to make an impression, nothing shows professionalism like the stunning 1200 x 1200dpi clarity produced by the Samsung ML-2165w. I may be garrulous, but it is quite an affordable but not time-consuming machine, with the compatible cartridges MLT-D101S, you can get a better result.If you need more products,please visit our store

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